V86: Five in a row - but is the horse good enough for Åby?

Big, handsome and with a big stride.
Ecu de Mieloui got his career started late and was a relatively cheap horse when he was bought unraced from France and has now won five times in as many starts in Norway.
“Now we’ll see if he’s good enough against tougher competition. He has raced in easier races, but on the other hand he has won easily each time” says amateur trainer Bengt Solberg.

A horse with nothing but wins in the Wednesday program is attracting attention. 
No one managed to find all eight winners on last week’s V86 which means that a sole winner this Wednesday can take home SEK 23 million thanks to the super jackpot that is in effect. 
Ecu de Mieloui, a five year old French born horse who is owned and trained in Norway, is  undefeated after five starts and will be driven by the Swedish top driver Carl Johan Jepson in V86-3. How do we estimate his chances? 
Bengt Solberg has been transporting horses for many years but has retired from that and is now making a living producing and selling hay. 
Solberg has five horses in the stable in Holmestrand in Drammen south of Oslo. After a long life with horses he finally might have found that top level horse he’s been waiting for. 
“He’s big and strong and actually very good. But I didn’t think so after I had bought him from France. In the beginning he couldn’t even trot a kilometer under two minutes” says Bengt Solberg. 
Ecu de Mieloui has won from several different positions and been superior his opponents in five starts since November last year. In his last start he won after being parked outside the leader for Eirik Høytomt who says the horse has ability. 

“Never been tired” 
The French horse hasn’t needed to go all out at his victories. 
On Wednesday he debuts on the 2,640 meter long distance but he has plenty of stamina. 
“He’ll do fine on 3,000 meters too.  What makes me a little bit uneasy is that he hasn’t been tired so far and this time he might need to go all out for the first time” says the trainer. 
Ecu de Mieloui could simply get confused if the tempo is high and the opponent are tough” says Solberg and adds:
“He’s never had to get tired on the racetrack before. But if he has to go hard, maybe the entire way over 2,640 meters he might get surprised. If so, that will be a whole new experience for him. He might not want to go all out for the first time, but you never know - he could be just fine too”. 

Hoping for a high pace

Solberg is impressed by Whipped Eggs who is trained and driven by Robert Bergh. 
“That’s a good horse, there are two, three good horses in the race. So it will be very exciting. We don’t really know how good the horse is yet. I just hope it will be a ‘real’ race with a high pace, so we’ll get to see how good he is compared to these horses. He’s a huge horse but it doesn’t feel that way when you sit behind him. Even when he trots on a frozen surface you can barely here him touch the ground. He’s kind of cat like” says the owner. 
If he does well at Åby, the next start for Ecu de Mieloui will probably race at Jarlsberg next Saturday in a 3,000 meter race. 
If the horse is good there too, Bengt Solberg plans on taking his horse to France to race him there. 
“It’s too soon to say for sure now. But the way my horse acts now I’m certain he could win a lot of races on the provincial tracks and I don’t think it’s impossible that he can make 100,000 Euros before the year is over”.