V86/jackpot: Båth's star is back - "I'd be a chicken if I didn't believe he could win"

He's only four years old and he already has earnings over SEK 4.3 million.
After victories in Svensk Uppfödningslöpning and Breeders Crown Global Welcome is now returning after a being away for some time due to injury.
"He feels very good. I'd be a chicken if I didn't believe he could win" says Båth.
The V86 summer tour continues and the turn has come to Visby. This Wednesday's card is extra interesting out of a betting perspective since it's spiced up with a jackpot. A sole winner can take home SEK 12 million with all eight winners picked, according to ATG's calculations.
Visby racetrack, also called Skrubbs, will also get a visit by no other than Perfect Spirit. The winner of Hambletonian, The King's Trophy and the Sprint Championship will be the big favorite to win Gotlandslöpning with SEK 150.000 to the winner form a perfect post two behind the gate.

Hurt himself in the paddock
Another top horse who will take the ferry over to the island is Global Welcome. The four year old stallion has won 12 out of 15 starts and has earned over SEK 4.3 million. As a two year old he won Svensk Uppfödningslöpning and last year he won the Breeders Crown final after having set a new Swedish record and tied the world record when winning his semi final in 1:12.0/2,140 meters. But he hasn't been seen on the racetracks since November of last year.
"Global Welcome (V86-2) was fantastic last year and together with Attraversiamo they were my best three year olds. He was ready to race early in the spring but hurt himself out in the paddock just before he was supposed to make his first start. He came in from the paddock with a big hock, but luckily there were no damaged bones or ligaments. It still took a long time to get him back" says Svante Båth.
"He's been trained consistently for quite some time now and he comes back well prepared. I took him to Solvalla last week and trained him in 1:15.5/1600 meter and he was strong. He felt very good then and he's ready to race".

"My best chance on V86"
Global Welcome is the favorite in the second leg of V86 together with Erik Adielsson. He will start alone with a 40 meter handicap and will face only six opponents. Trainer Båth is optimistic and believes he will win.
"He's in against good horses who are in race shape but he's such a good horse that I would be a chicken if I didn't believe he could win this. Of course he can get beat even if he races well, then I could be happy with that too. He's shown that he's a top horse and having made over SEK 4 million before the four year old season is over is impressive. I believe he's my best chance on V86" says Svante Båth.
What about shoeing and equipment?
"We'll take it easy in the beginning and will race him with shoes and in a regular style sulky this time. No pushing him already now".

Equipment problem last time
The Solvalla trainer has three more starters on V86. Here are his comments:
"Arras Cando (V86-1) can leave pretty well and he likes racing on the front end. Last time he raced he was hitting the bike and had some equipment problems so we'll forget that start. We'll switch to a regular style sulky this time. He hasn't gotten paid for his efforts lately. He still feels good and can leave pretty well and he has won several races on the front end. He will race barefoot upfront as usual".
"Lovely Bro (V86-3) is a very nice horse who has developed nicely and won easily after a perfect trip in her last start. She has a good post and should get a good trip again. Without knowing the opponents I think she will have a chance to win again. She will race with shoes".
"Mellby Hope (V86-5) started her career well but after that things have gone wrong for her in the races and in her last start she left very hard and got tired at the end. The most important thing for her now is to stay flat and I want to see her raced from behind this time. Then she will have to try to get back on track again. No changes, she will race with shoes" says Svante Båth.