V86/super jackpot: Mixed emotions for Bergh

He went from one big effort to the next in the long distance races back in the spring and he's training well before the return on Wednesday.
But Robert Bergh still doesn't have the right feeling about Whipped Eggs.
"I don't really have that confident feeling I usually have about him" says the Åby trainer, who sounds more confident about his other horses racing on this super jackpot V86 card.

Whipped Eggs (V86-1) started off his racing career in November of last year and after 17 starts he has four wins and five second places on his record. There are also some breaks, but the five year old has never finished worse than fourth when staying flat. There's no doubt Robert has a lot of hopes for the future for this horse.
"I think he will have a strong development curve going forward. Good things will happen for him. He didn't have to race when they go the fastest in the summer and now in the fall it starts to be more normal type of racing again. He might need to spend some time in France, where they can race well without having to lower their record every time. He needs to get some more money on his card first but if we can do that we'll definitely try him down there" says Robert Bergh.
Whipped Eggs has shown many times that France - where strength is the most important attribute - could suit him well. Back in the spring he won 'Olympiastayern', a three kilometer race at Åby and after that he came up with a very strong effort over this week's distance 2,640 meters, before making a break in the prestigious Harper Hanovers during the Elitlopp weekend at Solvalla. Last time he raced he won despite making a break in 'Midsommarkransen' at Skellefteå.
"He had been racing since the winter and got a break after all those races. We treated him and he's been trained since. But when he was ready to race about a month ago he stepped on himself and had to rest for two weeks".

Not the right vibes
The preparations for the next winter season hasn't gone without problems and Robert Bergh doesn't expect great things from his horse on Wednesday at his home track.
"He feels as loose as he did when he was racing but he's heavy and need to get some speed in his legs. I don't really have that confident feeling that I usually have about him. Even if he trained well at the track he needs to race find his form again".
How fast did you train him at the track?
"I trained him at 1:17 in 2,000 meters which is good by my standards".
Whipped Eggs hasn't shown that he could leave all that quickly before and post one behind the gate might not be the best starting position for him.
"It looks like trouble and being his first race back it doesn't feel all that important to find a way out immediately either, but a lot of that depends on how he feels scoring down and how he is the first 150 meters of the race".
Are you making any changes we should know about?
"No, he will race the way he has before, without shoes. It's easier for him to stay trotting that way".
How do you want to sum it up for the jackpot hunters?
"That I don't have the right vibes about him this time. Not that there's anything wrong with him, just the post position and the long layoff".

Under development
A super jackpot means that a possible sole winner with all eight winners picked can take home SEK 25 million on Wednesday.
Robert Bergh has four starters on V86 and it sounds like he's got the highest hopes for Digital Dominance (V86-3). The three year old who last summer was purchased by the trotting loving, retired hockey players Daniel and Henrik Sedin has so far been far from safe but has shown that he's got some speed. A win, a break and a third place is the record so far after three starts for trainer Robert Bergh.
"Good things are happening for him. He's probably the one that feels best of my starters on Wednesday. He tries admirably and in the starts his gait has been good, he's also raced very well. He's under development and you shouldn't count him out. I have a good feeling about him and I think he should be on your ticket if you have a few horses in this race. Johan Untersteiner will get the chance to drive this time. Bergh drives Harper Seabrook in the same race. He raced as late as last Thursday and finished fourth after a tough trip, mostly outside the leader.
"He's in good form and I believe that he has a lot of ability but he hasn't gotten rewarded for it, mostly because he's more strong than quick and has gotten many tough trips. The day he gets a better trip he'll shine some more. I'm just waiting for him to get going and start winning races" says Bergh and reveals that we can expect the tactics to be less aggressive this time.
"He has gotten tough trips in every start and I have to give him a nice trip this time. Racing with just a few days in between has worked out well for him before so I don't have a bad feeling about that. He might race barefoot all around for the first time".

Good feeling about the mare
This week's V86 card includes two divisions of Diamantstoet and in one of these we find the Robert Bergh trained Betting Queen (V86-5). She won at a high odds in a similar race two starts ago but in her first start for Bergh last time she made a break after 800 meters.
"She didn't feel good and needs more weight, so she needs to race with shoes or bell boots upfront. This race might come a week too soon for her though. She's not in top form but I can feel that she has a lot of speed. I have a good feeling about the mare".