Sweden Cup: The small Elitlopp has to do for Lövgren

Hello there...
...Jägersro trainer Joakim Lövgren who took the biggest win of your career in Elitloppet 2011 and who this weekend at best can win Sweden Cup - even called the small Elitlopp - with Jairo, who is in top form.
"That's not so bad. I'm looking forwards to Saturday.

There are many photos of you standing in a tower in front of the Solvalla crowd after the Elitlopp victory with Brioni. One of the best moments of your life, you've said?
"Yes, thats was a once in a lifetime moment. I was capturing the greatness of the triumph as I was standing there. It was an overwhelming feeling that we did it, Brioni and I. There was so much ambition and hopes behind that in my entire stable" says Joakim Lövgren.
This Saturday the biggest focus for your stable is on a start in Sweden Cup. Jairo had a great show in his last start at Solvalla and he races in the third elimination of 'the small Elitlopp' (Solvalla's third race).
"This is a step on the way for Jairo in trying to make him a top horse. Or an elite horse rather, he already is a top horse. I'm very happy with how he's developing. We've never seen him in this kind of form before. Where he's at now soundness wise and form wise, it will be very interesting to try him against some tougher company and see how he handles that".
He must be one of the horses in best form right now in the entire country based on how he looked in his last at Solvalla. Like a bouncing ball!
"He's been very laid back before and almost been half asleep during the races. I've been very careful and picked my spots with him and he's been like a tourist, just watching the others. In his last start he was a horse who knows what to do. He had a completely different focus and go than he's ever had before".
You drew in to the toughest elimination of the three on Saturday. A race with the French mare Billie de Montfort and Daniel Redén's Love Matters as the two toughest opponents. What do you think about your chances of winning the elimination where you have to finish top three to make it through to the final?
"I agree, we're in the toughest elimination. We're first of all going to try to make it to the final. Charrua Forlan is another good horse who wasn't far behind Volstead in his last start. So we'll get a good look already in the elimination if Jairo is ready to take on these horses. Jairo is in his best period of his career but has only raced twice in the gold division".
Jairo has been good over the Sweden Cup distance one mile (1,609 meters) but he's raced his best races over longer distances than that. What are your thoughts?
"I have mostly raced him over 2140 meters, but that's mostly because he's such a slow leaver. He won't take the lead and that's a negative. Now I think he's just as good over the sprint as he is going 2000 meters. We will try to race barefoot already in the elimination, sinse it's such small margins." 
You're in with a couple of horses on Sunday too. Devs Daffodil is in the four year old mares elite (V75®-6) and you drew post behind the gate over 1,640 meters.
"That's a great post position for her. She has shown good form coming form some bad positions lately. It's a touch race. If she hits the board then she has done all we can ask for".
In the lads elite (6th race, not on V75) your stable lad Bernardo Grasso drives six year old Trecciadoro Rex who now makes her third start for you.
"She showed good form in her last start where she was locked in for the most part of the race and tghen finished really fast the last 100 meters. Trecciadoro got a good post position and she can leave so Bernardo has got a couple options. She's very speedy and she should have a chance here. She races barefoot" says Joakim Lövgren.