V75® (Sunday): Huge for Kim and the horse she takes care of

On Sunday Kim Moberg will get a test on what she's learned as a driver.
In the Breeders Crown final for three year old colts and geldings (V75®-4) the 22 year old will drive a horse she takes care of herself, Global Withdrawl.
"I don't think people realize how huge it is for us stable employees to get a chance like this".

Sundsvall native Kim Moberg has the right hands to be a driver and despite her lack of experience she's been known to be very calm in the races.
If horse racing was a school, this Sunday would be her mid term exam for the 22 year old who works in her dad Svante Båth's stable.
Global Withdrawl is one of the horses she takes care of at the farm in Knivsta between Uppsala and Stockholm. Last year she drove him in the qualifier and his first three starts (one win) when Global Withdrawl was two years old.
On Sunday she is facing her and the horse's biggest test so far - the Breeders Crown final for three year old colts and geldings with SEK 1.6 million to the winner.
"You know...I'm usually not nervous but I think I will be this time. I've won on V75® and I've driven in the biggest race we have for two year olds (Svensk Uppfödningslöpning). But this is a group 1 race and I will drive a horse with a chance to win" she says.

One of the horses who can win
In December last year Kim Moberg was one of the drivers in Svensk Uppfödningslöpning - the biggest race in Sweden for two year olds. She drove Self Explosive who was a 51-1 longshot.
It's different with Global Withdrawl. He won the three year old elite race (treårseliten) on the Elitlopp Sunday with Erik Adielsson and impressed in his Breeders Crown elimination also with Erik driving. Kim is in the talks as a potential winner of the race.
"He has shown that he is really good and has the advantage of being able to leave the gate quickly and get a good position early. Inti Boko was great when he won 'Kriteriet' and our other horse in the final Global Welcome trotted a new world record when he won his elimination with the plugs still in. So those two are probably a notch better but we are right behind them" say Kim Moberg.

Will try to leave
Her driving style is to give her horse a nice trip and come at the end. But when she won V75 in January she advanced aggressively up outside of the leader and on Sunday it will be full speed ahead from post one behind the gate.
Global Withdrawl is very fast out of the gate. Last time he had post one he made a short break though. He still won the race (the three year old elite race) on the Elitlopp Sunday together with Erik Adielsson.
Caretaker Kim Moberg rode on the shaft of the sulky in the victory parade.
"It's the only time he's made a mistake. Imagine he could get back trotting at the speed they were going. I can only hope it doesn't have anything to do with having post one and hopefully he won't do it again this time".
What about the tactics? There most be some plans of leaving the gate with him?
"Of course I have to try to keep them outside of me. I will try to hold up the lead initially and then it depends on who's coming and if I want to let anyone go. I don't know what I will do - but I have to leave with him".
Global Withdrawl is one the horses that you take care of daily. Is he perhaps your favorite?
"No, you can't have favorites. They become your kids almost. You like all of them, no matter how they are. Global Withdrawl is by far the best one I've taken care of. He's also the first horse I've had from the beginning. So it's really cool to have been with him from day one and now we're in this final together".
How is he as an individual?
"He's cool. He takes it easy and would never miss a meal on the road or on a race day. 'Lars' - we call him that - is very nice but also a little bit grumpy. He doesn't let you do what you want with him" Kim says laughing.
How come you're getting the chance to drive this final?
"It wasn't decided until last minute. Erik picked our other horse in the race and Ulf Ohlsson was also taken (will drive Reijo Liljendahl's horse Mellby Goofy). All the big names that we usually use were already taken. So there were talks about who to pick and I guess that's when the owners thought it would be fun if I would get the chance".
The big names you race against on Sunday have all been 20 and 'gotten their chances' in big races.
"Yes, that's right. But still...to be 22 and still pretty inexperienced and to get the chance to drive a group 1 race...it's incredible. I can't really believe that the owners are letting a stable employee like me drive".