V75®/Elitloppet: "The conditions in Elitloppet are the best possible"

In Sweden she is relatively unknown but that can change quickly.
The lightning fast Swiss mare Uza Josselyn is the real dark horse in Elitloppet.
"Considering the speed this mare has we can expect pretty much anything" says her trainer René Aebischer about the big race Sunday at Solvalla.

Uza Josselyn (V75®-4) was born in Denmark but is owned and trained in Switzerland and that's also the flag she will race under in Elitloppet. Of the 16 horses she got her invitation first of them all. Solvalla's Anders Malmrot gave her the pink ticket after she had won impressively at Vincennes in early March.
"It was fantastic to receive the invitation. I was at Elitloppet in 1998 and saw Moni Maker win. That's when I started dreaming about coming there with my own horse to race. Now that dream comes true and it's a fantastic feeling" says the trainer's wife Barbara Aebischer, who is also the caretaker of Uza Josselyn.

The finish is her best feature
Uza Josselyn has won in 18 of her 33 lifetime starts so far and when you look at her bank account and see the SEK 6.4 millions in earnings you can tell she hasn't raced in the minor leagues so to speak. On her CV we see that she has won Grand Premio delle Nazioni in Italy who she won last fall after showing off her tremendous trademark speed in the finish.
"If you have the right strategy in the race and she's still fresh at the top of the stretch she can finish well. I don't think there's many who go as fast as she can down the stretch. But she needs things to go her way. She can't have a tough trip or go for too long three wide" says René Aebischer.
Uza Josselyn can leave fast too but when the post positions were drawn she had no luck. From post seven, driver Erik Adielsson has a tough task to solve.
"The risk is that the elimination will be too tough for her so she can't race at her best in the final. We saw last year what happened to maybe the best horse in the world (Bold Eagle)".
"But we'll see, it will like a win for us if she just races well in the elimination" says René Aebischer and brings up another possible problem.
"Springtime, when the sun and warm weather arrives is not the best time of the year for a mare to race. She can get in heat.If it happens, it happens. There's nothing we can do about that" he says and adds with a smile: "I proposed moving the race to after the summer this year but that didn't work."

"We can expect the best"
After the Vincennes victory in March Uza Josselyn trained on the beach in Normandy. In the middle of April she raced in a bigger race in Italy but made a break in a tight spot, something she usually never does. Her last start in Finlandia-Ajo was also the first time driver Erik Adielsson drove her. She was simply flying down the stretch and showed her trainer that she's in the form he wants her in. Because even if the warm weather and the post position can mean trouble, René Aebischer is coming to Solvalla with high hopes.
"I think the conditions in Elitloppet with two heats and the track's character are the best possible for her. Without a too tough elimination, a good post position in the final and a good trip following a good horse, then we can expect the best. But then everything needs to go her way".