V75®/Elitloppet: The son is the underdog

Solvalla did not have to ask the question twice.
Richard Westerink was very happy when he got invited to Elitloppet with Dreammoko.
"For me it's the best race in the world that really warms my heart" says the Dutch trainer who has won the race twice with Dreammoko's father, Timoko.

Two time Elitlopp champion Timoko retired last year and is now breeding full time. Together with Björn Goop the ten year old stallion won the last start of his career and he retired as the richest French trotter ever with earnings of over €5 millions.
The Dutchman Richard Westerink is the man behind the popular trotter. Now he's returning with a five year old son of Timoko.
Dreammoko is the name of the horse - who by finishing second in Grand Premio della Lotteria earned his Elitlopp invitation.
"I'm a little anxious and very excited to go to Stockholm again for another start in Elitloppet. We have managed to win it twice already. Now I'm very happy to just be in it again and we hope we can make it to the final" says the Dutch trainer.
Richard Westerink lives out in the countryside with his family, employees and horses on a farm in the southwestern France, between Bordeaux and Toulouse.
A big art piece of Timoko attracts the attention.
"I was a small trainer before Timoko and started out with a few horses, decent ones though. But Timoko changed everything. We have built everything here thanks to him. A superb stable, great investments in paddocks and stalls" says Westerink who is right now also finishing a house on the farm built with money earned by Timoko.

Timoko is the best
The breeding career is important and Dreammoko is so far the big name.
Richards's four year old son Ace was just a few months old the first he was at Solvalla when Timoko won his first Elitlopp.
Ace is coming along to Sweden this year too. Dreammoko is good he thinks...but Timoko is the best horse.
"So who's the best driver" dad asks and gets a quick response: "Björn Goop!"

"We have the best driver"
Dreammoko is in the first of the two Elitlopp eliminations on Sunday (V75®-1) and the driver is once again Björn Goop who has won the race three times, two of them with Timoko.
His son is the underdog as he'll try to show what he can do against the best in the world.
What is Dreammoko's best feature that could get him the victory in Elitloppet?
"The driver, oui! I don't think we have the best horse, but I know we have the best driver" says Richard Westerink.
Dreammoko can leave the gate very fast, how fast?
"He can leave very, very fast. He left at 1:04 speed the first 500 meters in Italy. If that's fast enough, he'll get a good trip in the race. I would say we are going to Elitloppet with a Dreammoko in 100% top form".
What do you think about your horse's future?
"I think I have a horse that can keep improving and developing. But it's hard to look in to the future when we don't know his limit yet. But I am hoping for an international career for him too, because i love to travel. My entire family loves to travel. I hope this dream will continue" says the Dutchman who says he's still living his dream with Dreammoko and the other horses.
A life who was built mainly thanks to a horse named Timoko.