V75®/Multi jackpot: Readly Express will be even better now

Readly Express is back on track again after the tough battle with Propulsion at Åby.
In Sundsvall Open Trot the super star will be the gigantic favorite to win the SEK 1 million.
"He will be in even better form on Saturday. We'll see if we can race him without his 'rubber boots' on this time" says Timo Nurmos.

This week Summer Heat with V75® goes on every day starting Wednesday. It culminates on Saturday where a multi jackpot is in play and guarantees a possible sole winner to take home SEK 50 million. More can be added to that amount if there are further jackpots in the V75 cards this week.
Bergsåker racetrack in Sundsvall will host the multi million jackpot and also great sport with Swedish Championships for coldbloods featuring Månprinsen A.M. plus of course Sundsvall Open Trot. In the latter we will get to see Readly Express again following the battle against Propulsion in Åby Stora Pris. The two super stars hit the line side by side and it was as close to a dead heat as you can possibly get. But with the centimeters to his favor, Propulsion was the victor over Readly Express who had to race with shoes on after the heavy rain that day.
"My horse raced incredibly good. He hadn't raced for two months and he had to race with shoes due to the course material on Åby's track surface. Of course I do all I can to win a race with SEK 2 million to the winner. But I have to think about what's best for the horse too" says Timo Nurmos.

"Trotted in world record time in rubber boots"
"His feet weren't good enough to handle that course material so he raced with shoes on. I put the horse first. He raced with steel shoes behind to give him the best possible grip and with aluminums up front. He hadn't raced like that for three years and you can say it's like racing in rubber boots. He still trotted in world record time over the three kilometers".
"Looking back at the race, I'm happy with my decision to keep his shoes on. Several other horses raced barefoot that day and they didn't look so good after the race".

"You can tell he's back in form"
When we reach Solvalla trainer Nurmos this Monday afternoon he's out looking at yearlings. He trained horses all morning and among them were Readly Express.
"He trained on the uphill track today and felt good. I also trained him lightly last Thursday after I decided to race him in Sundsvall. You can tell he's back in form and of course he should be improved after that race, since he hadn't raced for two months prior to it. He will be in even better form this Saturday. He's sound and happy and trots around with his tail up. That's a good sign and he's happy with life" says Timo Nurmos.

"Could race with shoes again - Bergsåker's track often hard"
Despite drawing post eight behind the gate and with good horses like Dreammoko and Heavy Sound in the field, Readly Express will be the huge favorite to take home the SEK 1 million in Sundsvall Open Trot. In the bike again is Jorma Kontio but wether he'll race with or without shoes is still undecided.
"I want to put out a warning because the track at Bergsåker is often a bit hard. I've been to Sundsvall many times and the track has often been hard there. The drivers prefer a harder, firmer track because it's less bumps and more comfortable for them. But the horses don't like it and it shows the day after".
"So him racing with or without shoes depends completely on how the track is on Saturday. It's impossible to say today. But we all saw how good he raced with shoes at Åby and I'm of course optimistic despite the outside post".

"Laskari lost a shoe - raced with only one shoe"
Timo Nurmos has four more horses racing on V75 this Saturday. One of them is Laskari who made the first start for Nurmos last week and was a very impressive winner in 1:10.9. Here are Timo's comments on his horses.
"Laskari (V75-1) was surprisingly good in his first start for me. Sure, he had trained well before that but not faster than 1:20. He won in 1:10.9 and wasn't empty. We raced him barefoot behind and he also lost a front shoe in the race so he finished the race with one shoe. It was very good to be able to do that going that speed. Of course he should be up in form and he looks good following the race. He showed last time that he can leave the gate well and he'll race barefoot on all four this time. He will race with his set ear hood again to keep him quiet. He's my second best chance after Readly Express" says Nurmos.

"One of her better races last time"
"Lexington Hall (V75-1) has improved and been very good in two straight wins at good times. He was good before that too but had bad racing luck. Unfortunately he drew post eleven and that's not easy over the short distance. If the track allows it he'll race barefoot".
"Evin Boko (V75-4) is in very good form. Things didn't go her way at when last raced - in the European Championships for mares - but she was very good and that was one of her better races and she still didn't make any money. This field is much easier but she starts with a 20 meter handicap and that's never easy either. Barefoot if the track allows it."
"Extra Fudge (V75-6) is also in very good form but he has gotten impossible trips in his last two starts. He's spent a lot of time out three wide and doesn't look much better this time from post eleven. the long distance is good for him, he's a strong horse. Barefoot if the track allows it."