V86® (jackpot): Salmela's two starters deserve to go on the ticket

Petri Salmela has two interesting starters when V86® returns to Solvalla.
"If you play with a few horses in these races, mine deserve to go on the ticket too" says the Boden licensed trainer who also is red hot as an owner.

Last Saturday Petri Salmela saw his co-owned horse Captain Corey win the biggest trotting race for three-year-olds, The Hambletonian at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, USA. 
"Thank you, it's such an amazing feeling to own a part of a horse like him. Too bad I couldn't be there, it would have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. But it was just as exciting watching from home". 
As a trainer, Petri Salmela has a clear focus in his stable, where two thirds of the 75 horses are two and three years old: 24 two-year-olds and 23 three-year-olds.
"That has been the plan the last 15-20 years, to focus on the younger horses. I am very pleased with the quality we have today and I think we have a lot of depth in the stable. I think the three-year-olds have raced OK so far and the future feels exciting" says the Boden licensed trainer. 
2021 so far?
"I'm happy, absolutely. We have surpassed SEK 5 million in earnings already and now the big stakes start and I hope we can make some money in them". 

"Leaves fast and is versatile"
Petri Salmela brings two horses to Solvalla's V86 races on Wednesday.
First to race is 1 Hector Sisu (V86-4), a four-year-old gelding who so far has done very well on the racetracks. He has made over SEK 1.4 million in 23 starts. In 15 of those, he has finished top three. 
"Yes, he's a good horse. He leaves fast and he is very versatile, he can leave fast but then he comes right back to you and can trot 1:30-speed in just a few strides. He can go at any speed". 
What do you think his chances are here?
"He has a perfect post position and is getting back into form. In his last start in Boden, he ran into a horse that was just too good, Fifty Cent Piece, and he finished second which was the best he could have done". This is a very tough race but he is tough himself too and the way I see it, he is on his way up in form. If you play with more than one horse, you should have him on your ticket". 
What are the tactics from post position one behind the gate?
"The tactics are up to Ulf Ohlsson who drives, but I think the horse is best with a trip" says Petri Salmela. 
Last time Hector Sisu raced over the sprint distance was in the four-year-old elite race at the Elitlopp weekend, when he finished outside the money in 1:10.2. 
"He was a bit sick when he raced in the Margareta race there at the beginning of May and he wasn't in top form at the Elitlopp weekend. If he had been, I think he could have finished top five there". 
Any changes planned for this start?
"No, he will the race the same way he usually does. He races with an open-eye bridle, barefoot all around and in a regular style sulky". 

Kriterium bound
6 Djang Limit (V86-5) is a three-year-old gelding who has finished second four times in his six lifetime starts so far. 
"There has always been someone who has been better. It was unreal in his first start, I have never had a horse debut in 1:15.0 over the middle distance with volt start and he still didn't get to win the race. You have to say that he is due for a win". 

How would you describe him?
"He is a big horse who we haven't really pushed yet". 
"He is more strong than quick so far and he has raced with heavy shoes. In his last start, we took some weight off of him and he will be able to race barefoot in the future, but we might wait with that until we get to the Kriterium. We will probably try to race him in the Kriterium eliminations, even if I think he will be better next year, but you can't be afraid to try". 
What do you think of the Wednesday race?
"I don't really know the opponents, but if he has some racing luck he can finish up near the top. It's tough to win sitting third or fourth over in the summer, but our horse isn't that bad. If you play with a few horses I think that both of mine deserve to go on your ticket".