A shorter experiment with the derby winner

The King of the 2017 Danish derby is back as a winner.
Bvlgari Peak won his return in Ålborg after a two year long layoff due to an injury and on Wednesday Steen Juul is taking his horse to Sweden.
"It's a bit of an experiment since he's never raced on the short distance before" says the Danish top trainer.

A derby winner is on the starting line in one of this Wednesday's V86® races at Jägersro. 
Nine horses will compete for SEK 70,000 in the Lucia trophy (V86-3) over 1,640 meters where Steen Juul drew the seven hole together with the six year old stallion Bvlgari Park. 
The Danish derby winner has won 12 out of 26 career starts but never tried the short distance until now. 
He was by far the best in the Danish derby in August of 2017 over 3,000 meters and he has very good lung and heart capacity. He also has the right attitude according to his trainer. 
The only thing Steen Juul has complained about is that Bvlgari Park has liked to make a break here and there so far during his career. 
He returned to the racetrack on November 22 after a two year long layoff and won in Ålborg. 
"He has felt good in training but it was still a bit of a surprise that he could win right off the break like that" says Steen Juul. 
"One race at a time"
The return was in a Liga-1 race in Ålborg, a race against the elite. Steen Juul put Bvlgari Peak right on the front in the race over 2,640 meters and despite being pressured by such a good horse as Flemming Jensen's Rapide du Pommeau, he was able to come out a winner. 
The Danish derby winner was absent due to a suspensory injury. 
"He's a very good horse and we hope he has a successful career ahead of him if he can stay healthy. We don't take anything for granted, we take it one race at a time. He's a capable horse but it will be tougher at Jägersro even if his most recent start should get him in better form" says Juul, the winningest Danish trainer of all times. 
So he will be better for the start on Wednesday?
"You would have to think so. He hadn't trained any fast miles before his return and that race should do him good. He feels good in training and I think he's up in form now".
You say it's a bit of an experiment to race him here?
"It's a chance we're taking sine he's never raced the short distance before in his career". 
What do you have to say to the bettors?
"I say he's a bit of a long shot based on his ability". 
10 Waiting Hill Hall (V86-5) is coming out in the race for three year old fillies at Jägersro. She also won in Ålborg a few weeks ago and was good as the heavy favorite there. How do you like her chances?
"She's in good form and she has done well. She had to come first up with one lap to go in her last start and won pretty easily. She's a slow starter but if she can get in to the race from her 20 meter handicap I think she will have a chance. She has put up some good efforts" says Steen Juul.