"Pirate" is twelve years old but not counted out

​It's easier for the younger ones against him nowadays.
Other than that, pretty much everything is the way it used to be.
The fan favorite On Track Piraten has turned twelve years old and will be an attraction himself on V86® at Bergsåker.
"He needs a trip nowadays but he's still good enough to compete in most races" says trainer Hans R Strömberg.

On Track Piraten showed that he had talent early on and won five races during his first racing season as a three year old. 
Rättvik licensed trainer Hans R Strömberg still keeps the gelding going as he's always enjoyed training and "he's easy to work with" the trainer says. 
SEK 18.1 million in earnings and 46 wins, 27 seconds and 20 thirds in 163 starts is his record a couple of months into his season as a twelve year old. 
Hans R Strömberg often gets the question how long his horse will continue racing and his answer is that it's up to the horse himself. 
"He likes to go racing but he doesn't win as often as he used to. He needs a better trip now to be able to win - well I've said the last two years. If he gets a trip he can still be compatible in most races. If he has to go three wide without cover, he might struggle" the trainer says. 
This time last year On track Piraten was in very good form. Eleven years old he won two in a row on V75®. At Färjestad in March he won the gold division from the position outside the leader and won by seven lengths. 
After that he's 'only' won once in 19 starts. On Wednesday 'Pirate' will make his third start of the year in the open trot (V86®-1) at Bergsåker. 
"He is twelve years old now and that's what has started to take its tolls. In training there's no difference but the results haven't been as good lately. In his last start at Färjestad he got too tough of a trip for example" says Hans R Strömberg.
The trainer says he doesn't think his horse has been in top form lately. 
"Of course I hope that he could find his form again and be compatible this spring. But I know it also gets tougher the older he gets". 
"It could work out well anyway"
Robert Bergh's Angle Of Attack has returned home from a successful trip to France and will be the favorite from post position four behind the gate. 
Daniel Réden's Bucks To Burn is one of the challengers from a good post position in this opening leg of V86 on Wednesday. 
On Track Piraten didn't have any luck in the draw and will have to start from post position eight, something trainer Strömberg would have not wished for. 
"No, of course not. But it could work out well anyway if he can find someone good to follow. We have to hope that there are others who want to go on the outside and give him some cover. Kaj Widell has driven him before and he knows the horse" says Hans R Strömberg.
Totte under development
Widell will also jump in the bike behind the Rättvik stable's Totte C.D. in V86-5, a race for four year olds. An easy 2019 resulted in one win as a three year old and in his last start he was very good when he won in his third start of the year. Totte C.D. (out of Strömberg's good mare Hilda C.D.) wore down the leader from the position on the outside with Jorma Kontio. 
"Yes, that was a very good effort. He's a horse under development. But we take it one race at a time to see how far he could go, so to speak. Edwardscissorhands and Troels Andersson were in the lead and they set a high pace the last kilometer but Totte wouldn't surrender and managed to get past him at the end. They were trotting 1:14 speed and he looked beat but came back to win it. He seems strong and I hope the long distance will suit him well - it feels like it would". 
What do you think of his chances and post position four?
"It looks like he should have some chance to win I think. Post position four is good. He doesn't leave all that fast but he should be able to get a good trip at least. If the track is good Totte will race barefoot like he has done lately while 'Pirate' will race with shoes" says Hans R Strömberg.