The 100-1 shot is back - "Could win again"

Three weeks ago he was a longshot winner at 100-1 on V86®.
Captain Knas was also responsible for the highest Daily Double odds in history, 4988-1.
The longshot winner is back on V86 and he's actually undefeated in two starts together with Sofia Frilén.
"It wouldn't surprise me if he wins again" says trainer Magnus Träff.

Captain Knas delivered a real bomb when he won a V86® and Daily Double race at Bergsåker. He pulled off the effort of his career when he stepped around the entire field from post position 15. After having followed cover with 1,200 meters to go, he just swept the field down the backside. Down the stretch he trotted off to a comfortable victory and the huge upset was indeed a fact.
"It was awesome and the horse was fantastic" says Magnus Träff.
"We had a feeling that he would race well since he had trained well and improved off of each race. But we didn't expect such a great effort. To follow horses three wide with 1,200 meters to go and then just sweep the field during the last 500 meters. That's more than we'd ever hoped for".

Won a quarter million on the Daily Double
Captain Knas is owned by good friends Björn Arvenberg and Claes Sunnervik. The latter had SEK 50 on the winning Daily Double combination. When Dizzy River won the second leg, the payout was a new all time high. The Daily Double paid 4988-1 and Sunnervik could collect almost SEK 250,000 on his ticket.
"I couldn't believe my eyes. That's a once in a lifetime thing, to single out a 100-1 shot" says Claes Sunnervik.

"Feels better and better - very loose and smooth"
The friends have owned five year old Captain Knas from the beginning and they are now on their third trainer. He started at Stig H Johansson's, continued to Oskar Kylin-Blom and is now trained by Magnus Träff. The last three starts have resulted in two wins and a third place and the horse is without a doubt in good form.
"It actually feels like the horse is just getting better and better. He feels very loose and smooth right now". says Träff.
"He got a couple of months rest when we first got him and he was very good in his first start for us when he finished second. After that he got a little anxious and made breaks in three consecutive starts. Now it feels like he's more confident and the results have also started coming".

"I wouldn't leave him off my ticket"
V86 this weeks is split between Åby and Solvalla. Captain Knas is back at it again and will race in the fourth leg at Solvalla. He will start from post six behind the gate over 2,140 meters and will once again be driven by Sofia Frilén.
This is a tougher class than his last start but on the other hand he has a better post position this time. He can leave pretty well but he has also made breaks behind the gate. It's all up to the driver how the horse feels in the start, wether she thinks he can leave or not. He's no catapult behind the gate, but better than average".
"He's in against good horses but he's good himself too. I wouldn't be surprised if he wins again. If you have more than one horse in this race, I would't leave him off my ticket. My horse feels very good and I have no complaints".

"Sofia is a tough girl who drives well"
Sofia Frilén is on vacation in USA and will be back home on Wednesday - the day of the race. She'll come straight from the airport to the track. Sofia is a tough girl who drives well and gets along really well with the horse. She shows that she's confident in both herself and the horse she drives. We'll race him barefoot upfront like in his last start and we'll see about the bridle. He raced with a pull down bridle in his last start and maybe the driver will pull it down right before the start this time. But we'll wait until after the warm up to decide, depending on how the feels and acts on race day" says Magnus Träff.
The Bollnäs based trainer got his professional trainer’s license in the beginning of the year and he currently trains nine horses. He is looking for a new farm to expand his stable as the interest from owners has increased".
"We're full right now but we constantly get asked by owners who want to leave their horses in training. So we've been looking for a farm where we could expand for a while now, but so far no luck. We're trying to find a solution as soon as possible and we're ready to accept more horses".