The multi jackpot grows - 29.5 million and counting

ATG® will celebrate New Year’s Eve with a multi jackpot V75®-pool, that will have at the very least 29.5 million SEK added.

The running Winter Burst® means there is a V75® card coming up every day for the rest of 2019.
It will all culminate with a multi jackpot on December 31.
The size of the jackpot will be decided over the coming days.
After Boxing Day the total added money is 29 529 976 SEK, but will increase for every jackpot that happens before New Year’s Day.
"Last year there were 34 new V75 millionaires (SEK) on the last day of the year. It felt fantastic that so many won so much. Now we're looking forward to a new and exciting multi jackpot on New Year's Eve when V75 will be raced at Axevalla" says Katarina Widman, Chief Commercial Officer at ATG®.