V75® (jackpot): Is it Lucifer Lane's turn this week?

Caught on the front end twice in a row in the Gold division.
But Lucifer Lane is not a horse who gives up easily.
Has the turn finally come for Nilsson's star trotter to enter the winner's circle this Saturday?

V75® this week is being raced at Färjestad with some extra jackpot money in the pool. The Gold division – also Färjestads Jubileumslopp – is the featured race of the day and a well known face shows up here. 
The fan favorite 2 Lucifer Lane (V75-3) is being raced frequently in the highest class of STL and he makes his fifth consecutive start in the Gold division on Saturday.  
"My horse feels good in training. He trained easy last Saturday and will train again on Wednesday. We keep racing him when he is in such good form right now" says trainer Thomas L Nilsson. 

Was caught just before the wire
Lucifer Lane last raced at Mantorp two weeks ago and was the betting favorite. For the longest time it looked like he was going towards the victory together with his constant companion Johan A Nilsson. The Örebro-trained star trotter looked like he was home free in the lead in the last turn, just to see Remarkable Feet slip by the very last strides. 
"We were pleased with our horse last time out, but you always want to win. I don't know, maybe he wasn't in top form but the pace was pretty high too at times. We have talked, Johan and I, about maybe trying to go a little bit slower on the front end, but when the horse is in good form he wants to go himself too" says Thomas and adds:
"He was tired after the race, but he also got a bit lonely on the front end. I have sat behind him many times in training and he tends to slow up the last 50 meters. We have gotten a lot of suggestions what to do about that, changing to an open eye blind bridle and so on, but that could also make him leave slower and it's important for him to get a good start".

Will try for the lead again
Lucifer Lane was also raced on the front end two starts ago, in the Gold division final at Solvalla on December 26. He then pulled a bit in the race and finished third behind Gareth Boko and Snowstorm Hanover. 
He drew a perfect post two behind the gate for Saturday. Will he be raced in the lead once again?
"I think he will race him in the lead, if they get there. You never know, I thought Disco Volante looked good after his break last time, he is very quick out of the gate and you never know which tactic they choose. I also don't know how quick Ble du Gers is from the inside post".
The obvious question is, if Lucifer Lane still is best when he is in the lead?
"Let say like this; before these last two starts he had won ten out of twelve times in the lead so it's hard for me to say that he would be better from behind...he has won most of his races in the lead when he's been in top form. Then you can discuss after these two starts and with the winter tracks and all, that it might be better to race from behind but we have analyzed his last start and we think we did the right thing. But that was two weeks ago and now is now". 
Lucifer Lane is, thanks to his second place in his last start, already qualified for the Gold division final at Solvalla on February 5. That will most likely be his next start after this Saturday. 
"Yes, he is already qualified for the final and if he is in the same form and if he races well again on Saturday, that will be his next start".
Does it feel like he is due for a win soon?  
"Yes, we have waited for a while now and it was close last time out. Let's hope it comes soon, both for the horse and the driver. Johan was very upset after we lost last time".