V75®: Magnus hoping to reel in Queer Fish at his home track

He is Mr consistency himself and puts up stable efforts in every start.
Now the multiple V75® winner Queer Fish has a chance to win the gold division at his home track.
"The horse feels fantastic. I think he has a very good chance to win if he stays out of trouble" says trainer Magnus Träff.

Sommartrav®et (Summer trot) and V75® is travelling around Sweden and Bollnäs racetrack will be the host this Saturday where one of the track's poster boys, Queer Fish, is racing in the gold division - the highest class in V75. The nine year old gelding started his career as a four year old for amateur trainer Magnus Träff and has marched through the classes in impressive fashion. Queer Fish has become a well known name on V75 where he's taken six wins (one of them in the finals during the Elitlopp weekend last year) and he has a total of 24 wins in 72 starts with earnings of SEK 2.4 million. He's a real trotting machine who hasn't made a break in almost two years.
"Queer Fish (V75-3) is very intelligent, a true racehorse. He's so calm and quiet at home but you can tell when it's race time. He becomes a different horse, he goes all in when it's time to race" says Magnus Träff.
"When we bought him he was four years old and had never raced. He had had some hidden lameness that they couldn't find and when I went to listen to Stefan Hultman, who trained the horse prior to me, before a race at Eskilstuna last spring, he was telling a story about how he always felt that the horse had a lot of ability but they couldn't get him sound".
"We found a training program that works for him and we gave him plenty of time and it's now paying off. He is sound and I am baffled over the fact that the horse feels so good every time".

Only buys horses from Menhammar
Amateur trainer Magnus Träff lives in Järvsö and currently trains eight horses. His main business is a children and youth rehab center.
"I try to split my time between the horses and my business. I have my brother, my dad and my girlfriend as partners on the horses so we all help out".
Basically all eight horses in my stable are once upon a time picked out by Stefan Hultman. They are all Menhammar bred. It started by coincidence but we then thought that if we buy a horse from Menhammar they are for sure bred and raised in the best possible way and also they are picked out by Hultman or someone else of the big trainers, so there shouldn't be anything wrong with the exterior of the horse".
"Then it's up to us to make it work, every horse we have bought has been sold due to some sort of injury" says Magnus Träff.

"He was vicious in 1:10.3"
They are sure making it work and on Saturday Queer Fish is racing at his home track Bollnäs. In the gold division, V75-3, he has drawn post one with Kaj Widell down to drive. Queer Fish won in 1:10.3 two starts ago and in his last start he finished second after a tough trip.
"I thought he was vicious at Hagmyren winning at a fantastic time (1:10.3). According to driver Kaj Widell he wasn't even empty. In his last start he did all the work when he advanced up outside the leader. It was tough to get tripped out in the end but the horse raced great".
What about post one behind the gate, can he go wire to wire?
"He's up and down when it comes to leaving. Sometimes he's very quick out of the gate. Kaj Widell says he can feel when they approach the gate, wether he's gonna be able to leave with him or not".
"Of course I'm happy that he drew post one, but there's always the risk of getting boxed in. There are a few who can leave fast here, but if he's on his game he could hold them out. He's either way guaranteed a great trip from there" says Träff.

"He will race barefoot this time"
How good of a chance do you think it is?
"If he stays out of trouble I think it's a very good chance. He just feels fantastic now. We've raced a few times on V75 here at home but never really had any luck so I think this will be the turning point". 
Any shoeing or equipment changes?
"Yes, he will race barefoot this time. His gate is so much more relaxed and efficient when he can race barefoot but he has such a powerful gate and he wears his hind feet down a lot so we have to pick our spots racing barefoot with him. This is the time to do it and he has plenty of hoof now".
"Besides that, no changes. He'll race with his blind bridle and in an American sulky as usual".