V75®: Nurmos very pleased with Readly Express

Readly Express is back and is making his first start since his Prix d'Amerique.
The super star is ready again following his stud duties during the spring.
"He's at the same level he was when he won in Paris on Christmas Eve" says Timo Nurmos.

Solvalla trainer Nurmos woke up at 4.30 am Monday morning and two hours later training began. Due to the heat in Sweden lately the training has had to start earlier since it's too hot training in the middle of the day. One of the horses training this Monday morning was Readly Express. On Saturday he is making his return to the races and Östersund is the lucky winner getting to host the Prix d'Amerique winner. In Jämtlands Stora Pris with SEK 700,000 to the winner, Readly Express will start from post ten with Jorma Kontio driving.
"Readly is ready to race" says Timo Nurmos.
"I can tell the form is getting there and I'm very pleased with how he's trained the past month. The last few weeks alone, he's made great progress. Last Monday I trained him at 1:20 over 2,400 meters. That was the second trip on the track training back. Today (Monday) he went his third trip and it was a slower trip. He feels great. Other than these trips he's mostly done uphill training" says Nurmos.

"Didn't want to punish my horse in Elitloppet"
After the victory in Prix d'Amerique Readly Express got to relax for a month with some light training at Utah Beach in Normandy. Upon the return to Sweden he serviced a lot of mares at Menhammar Stuteri. Due to that there was no Elitlopp for Readly Express, since there was just not enough of time to prepare him the way needed to go two heats the same day.
"We skipped Elitloppet for the best of the horse. I didn't want to punish him. First he shipped home from France and was given time to relax after the trip. Then he was breeding at Menhammar, back and forth several time a week. They lose a lot of weight breeding and these trips were hard on him. They ship back and forth and they miss their lunch. He lost almost four weeks of training" says Timo Nurmos.
"This is his third year of breeding at Menhammar and when they lose weight like that you can't really train them. Horses deal with it differently but it's tough to race and breed at the same time. Look at Bold Eagle for instance, he bred last year and again this year before Elitloppet. I saw already in the warm up that he was stressed out and he didn't look good trotting either".
"It's now four, five weeks since Readly stopped breeding and the last month he's been training full time. But when they come from breeding you can't start training them hard right away. They have to put some weight back on. Readly has and he looks good now. He's in racing form and he's happy" says Timo Nurmos.
How is his form compared to when he won Prix d'Amerique?
"Prix d'Amerique was his third start in a row and he was in top form. But I would say he's in the same shape he was when he won Prix Tenor de Baune at Vincennes on Christmas Eve. Then he also came off a break. It's a similar situation now and he usually races well after some time off".

"Might be Boden next week"
Race secretaries are constantly calling Nurmos trying to get Readly Express to their racetracks both in Sweden and in other countries.
"There are plenty of races and we can't go everywhere. If he races well and comes out of the race well it might be Boden and Norrbottens Stora Pris the following week. We won't go to Kymi Grand Prix as we were talking about. We'll see after these two races where we'll go next. I also got a all from Jägersro about Hugo Åbergs Memorial".
"John Campbell came to my stable at Solvalla during the Elitlopp weekend and asked if I was interested in coming over over to race in their Breeders Crown later this year. But if we want to go back to France and Prix d'Amerique next year - which we do - then it will be tough to go overseas with a long trip and quarantine".

"My best chance on V75®"
Readly Express will be the favorite despite being off for so long and starting in the second tier. Trainer Nurmos is optimistic.
"There are always good horses when the money is there. My horse has won Prix d'Amerique coming from behind, he has won races from all positions. He always has a chance when he races as he's had his whole life. He'll race barefoot if the track is good enough and I think he's my best chance on V75" says Timo Nurmos.

"Finished great - will win a race soon"
The Solvalla trainer is bringing five more interesting horses to V75 in Östersund and here are his comments.
"Erik Sting (V75-2) finished great in his last start. He was last turning for home and he just flew down the stretch. He's done four tremendous races in a row now and gotten some tough trips too. I think he will win a race soon. Inside post this time and he can leave well if the drivers wants to do so. He'll race the same way he has lately, barefoot".
"Ile Saint Louis (V75-4) has made a lot of progress this year and she's been good in her V75 wins. She got a training period and felt good training today (Monday). Bad post now but she has shown she can do it the hard way and she has won V75 on the outside before. She will race barefoot again".
"Hankypanky Frances (V75-4) had a little break prior to her most recent start where she raced well in a race with a high pace and she trotted a new lifetime best, 1:12.4. She will be much improved after that race and she's one of many with chance in this race. Might race barefoot again".
"First time barefoot"
"Victory Topline (V75-5) is a nice horses with a tremendous attitude. Hard to say something else when he's six for six so far. He's big and strong but kind of lazy. A real nice racehorse still under development. He came off a training period and hadn't raced in a while before his most recent start. He won in a good time and set a new lifetime best and he will be improved off of that. He trained today (Monday) and he trained well. Too bad with a post position in the second tier over the short distance, since he can leave well, but he has won coming from behind too. He might race barefoot for the first time".

"A nice horse that I really like"
"Volocity de Vie (V75-7) got foot sore in his last start at Solvalla and he was a little hot and I think he shut of his air. So he will race with shoes again, as he's done prior to his last start. We did some vet work on him after his last start and he's trained normally. This is a nice horse that I really like and when he's 100% he's really good. The long distance is good for him, he's a strong horse that can also leave well. He has a chance here" says Timo Nurmos.