V75®: Recharged after his super finish

He became a professional trainer at the start of the year.
It took less than six months until he enjoyed the biggest win of his career when Queer Fish surprisingly won Sweden Cup.
"I've watched the race many times, almost every night. It was a tremendous effort" says Magnus Träff who is chasing another big victory in Jämtlands Stora Pris.

It was a finish that chocked both the elitlopp crowd as well as the trainer himself.  
Queer Fish was the second least bet horse in the Sweden Cup final. 
But when the ten year got a free path after a ground saving trip he exploded like never before. 
According to atgxlabs, which uses the new positioning system seen in TV, Queer Fish came home in 1:04.3 speed the last 200 meters and he was trotting 1:00 speed as he crossed the finish line. 
It was the second fastest finish of the entire weekend and just enough to catch Chief Orlando and Cyber Lane on the front end and collect the SEK 600,000 first prize. 
"I was watching the race from the last turn and as they trotted past us with 350 meters to go I thought that he might get some money. Then I saw how fast he was going. But I didn't realize that he won before my brother told me they zoomed in on him on TV. It was pretty overwhelming" says Magnus Träff. 

Have you experienced those types of emotions on a racetrack before?
"Yes, I can be pretty emotional. Especially when my horses give us an unexpectedly good effort. When 'Fish' won a final of the silver division two years ago was one of those times, that was also an effort I never could have imagined. But at the same time you get like in a bubble. After that race I regretted that I couldn't enjoy the victory more and this time it was even less, I was zoned out the entire day". 

Have you had time to enjoy it now?
"Yes I have to say so. I've watched the race many times, pretty much every night. Last night we celebrated at Bollnäs racetrack where we gave the public cake. They also gave me a DVD of the race day. I've watched it a few time". 
What kind of reactions have you received? 
"There's been a lot of people congratulating me, more than I've ever experienced before. It's a lot of fun". 
You still have only eight horses in your stable, you haven't been contacted by any owners?
"Yes the phone has been ringing some more. But the problem is that we don't have room for more horses right now. We've been looking for a new farm nearby all year, but haven't found anyone willing to sell". 
Now when you have another SEK 600.000 to spend it might make things easier?
"Yes, ha ha we might have to raise our offers a bit even if I think our offers have been pretty high. It doesn't seem like the money is the issue, people seem to want to keep their land. I guess I have to show them the race and throw in piece of the horse and maybe then we can get a deal done". 
You've said before that you could borrow some stalls from your neighbor, is that not an option anymore?
"Yes, it is. That might be the closest solution. We're looking into it right now. If that works out, we'll get seven more stalls". 
What's your explanation to Queer Fish's great effort at Solvalla?
"The only reason I can think of is that he rarely gets such a nice trip. He usually has to use his speed down the backside and now he could sit at the pylons and save his speed much longer". 

So you didn't have him extra sharp for that race?
"No, not really. He had an infection a month earlier and was scratched out of a race. Since that made the time in between races a little long I took him to Bollnäs racetrack the week before and trained in 1:15 with a fast finish. That's not particularly unusual but he felt so good that we decided to got for Sweden Cup. I trained him with blinkers instead of the blind bridle he's had on for years and that made him extra sharp so I used it at Solvalla too". 
Could the two heats on the same day have played into it?
"Yes, I think so. He's raced two heats before and he's always been better in the second heat, at least compared to his opponents. He seems to have a better ability to recover than many other horses". 
So you'll train him in 1:15 before this race too?
"Ha ha no. I won't do that. I've trained him as usual and he's really only trained once after his last start". 
Was he tired after Sweden Cup?
"He was muscle sore and got some extra time to recover after the race. But he's gotten massage and feels looser now. When I trained him he felt as usual". 
Will he finish as fast on Saturday?
"I hope so. Normally I would say the distance is better for him this time, his best feature has always been that he trot at high speed for a long time. But maybe that has changed, maybe he's more explosive now". 
Could he be more explosive in the start and have a chance of getting to the lead this time?
"I don't think so. That would be even more surprising than his finish at Solvalla. Hopefully there will be a hole behind Milligan's School, Charrua Forlan and Double Exposure so he can get a spot there. Then I can only dream that he gets to save his speed as long as he did in his last start, or at least until the last turn". 
Will you use the same equipment again for this start?
"Yes the new bridle will of course stay and so will the American sulky. His hind feet were worn down a bit when I shoed him last week, but I'm hoping that they will have grown out enough so that he can race barefoot again". 
You have three horses racing on V75® at Östersund, which one has the best chance to win?
"Due to his last start I guess I have to say Queer Fish. But Twinkle Kronos feels so good in training that I believe their chances are equal" says Magnus Träff. 

Here are Magnus Träff's comments on his other V75 starters:

"Twinkle Kronos (V75-5) was fantastic in his last start and crossed the wire with his ear hood still on and without being tired. He wasn't as good at Romme but he had a quarter crack bothering him that day. Other than that he's gotten more consistent now. He feels great in training at home, I can't recall him ever feeling this good at home before. The distance is a slight disadvantage and I don't think he can leave very hard because of that. If he can get a good trip it will be very exciting to see what he can do down the stretch. I've been thinking about switching him from a can't see back to a blind bridle, since he's gotten more quiet, but due to the distance I think we'll have to wait for the following start. So, no changes on him". 

"Sugar Daddy (V75-7) hasn't show the right spark this year and has often thrown in the towel the last 200 meters. I think the many infections we've had in the stable have gotten the best of him, but they're gone now and his last start was a step in the right direction even if it was a cheap race. He feels even better in training after that start, sharper than before and I think he's on his way back in really good form. He's always loved racing on the front (10 wins in 12 starts when on the front according to travfakta.se) but I doubt he's quick enough to get there and even if he will, he's in against tough horses. I leave that up to Erik (Adielsson). He's driven him once before and that's when he set his record 1:10.2 so they're a good fit. I'm hoping for a good effort and that he can make some money. No equipment changes on him either".