V75® Romme: Propulsion lights up the dark winter

The king is back.
In the Saturday V75® at Romme Propulsion will return to V75 to rehearse for another possible Prix d'Amerique journey.
"If the horse is good on Saturday and everything else looks good, Paris is in the back of my head. But then he needs to be very good" says Daniel Redén.

He has surpassed SEK 30 million in earnings and won the Trotting Masters at Vincennes in his most recent start. 
But that was three months ago.
After that we haven't heard much about Swedish trotting's superstar number one.
"He has done a lot since then. He has been collected to be able to service his ladies next year. It has worked out very well, that's why we were able to make the decision to race another year" says Daniel Redén, who last year used this race as a stepping stone for Prix d'Amerique. 
But that time things didn't go as planned. Bet down to the heavy favorite, he lost to the V75® specialist On track Piraten - who is one of the opponents again this Saturday. 
But it turned out he had an excuse for losing that race. 
"He had a temperature and wouldn't eat for several days after the race, but still made it to Prix d'Amerique…"

Likes the new barn
As a matter of fact, Redén sounds very pleased with the preparations for the return on Saturday. 
"We have been battling some sickness in the stable and the horses have been resting to get ready for next year, but Propulsion has been able to train as usual, he only has one more season left. I have to say that he feels very, very good".
He feels so good that Redén keeps the door open for a possible trip to the toughest harness race in the world, where Propulsion has participated three times with the results fourth, third and fifth. 
Maybe this time he will reach all the way, his victory in the Trotting masters final was the first time he won with the Prix d'Amerique conditions, 2,700 meters at Vincennes. 
But that was during the fall season. Redén has often said that Propulsion has trouble finding the top form during the colder part of the year.
In order to change that, they have now made a change of scenery at home on the farm. 
"He doesn't like when it's cold and damp, but we have switched barns and he's now the king of his own barn. It's the first time we've done that. He has been pretty much at the same spot his entire time on this farm. We did it to see if he gets an extra kick out of being stabled with the other horses."

"Better than he's been all year"
Do you think he will make another start in Prix d'Amerique?
"I don't think many of the horses who will race there could have gone five intervals the way he did last Thursday…"
"But I can't and won't answer that now. We'll take this race first. If he's good on Saturday and everything looks good, Paris is in the back of my head. But then he needs to be very good."
"I have said that Elitloppet is the goal. But he has trained so well that we decided to make this start. We have nothing to lose if we go to Paris, if anyone can handle it, it's him."
Losing on Saturday is not part of the plan if he's going to get another chance to compete in Prix d'Amerique. 
Even though he lost to On Track Piraten in this race last year, Redén doesn't sound too worried about that happening again this time around. 
"That was last year, let's forget that. Hopefully he won't come up sick this time. The way he has felt this last month, I've been very pleased with him. He almost feels better now than he's done all year" says Daniel Redén.