V75® Saturday: Good chance for Puro's strong winning machine

Top mare Cash Crowe gave us a great show when she won in her return to the races last Saturday.
Trainer Petri Puro now reveals the plans going forward and he also has a couple of hot chances in V75® at Jägersro.
"Burning Man has a good chance to win" says Puro.

The Halmstad licensed trainer is known for having a high win percent. Right now it's at 35 for the stable and he never races his horses just to race them. On Saturday V75® comes to Jägersro and Puro is racing two horses, both with a high win percent. But before we get into the Derby weekend and V75, let's look back at last weekend when Cash Crowe made a terrific return to the racetracks. Puro's mare hadn't raced since she won the mares Derby almost a year ago. The very capable mare who also won the Queen's Trophy and has earnings of SEK 3.3 millions have had her fair share of problems this year.
"Cash Crowe has been off an entire year and I had to back off with her three times during this time. Time flies and I only got seven, eight weeks of training into her before her return" says Puro.
"In the springtime she suffered from some kind of virus and then she got Lyme disease. After that she hurt herself in the field and got a big cut that needed to be stitched up and then she couldn't train for five weeks. So she's had a lot of bad luck".

"Showed her class - aiming at mares championship"
Cash Crowe looked magnificent in her return at Charlottenlund, just outside Copenhagen last Saturday. Christoffer Eriksson drove her for the first time and was very impressed after the race. He advanced to the position outside of the leader with a kilometer to go and then it was all Cash Crowe. The five year old mare just jogged and won in 1:12.0 over 2,100 meters and looked far from tired.
"I told Christoffer before the race that I have no idea what will happen in the race. But she showed her class and her ability. She's a year older now and has matured a lot".
How does the future look and when is her next start?
"The plan is to race her in the Swedish Championships for mares in October and we have time to give her a couple more races before that. Possibly Bjerke, Norway October 9th but I haven't decided anything yet" says Puro.
"He's so good he could have won the Derby"
He has a couple very nice four year olds in his 20 horse stable and two of the tried the Derby eliminations last week but didn't make it to the final.
"Too bad with Short In Cash who's in terrific form right now. I don't know why he made a break. He trotted 1:11.8 speed for 2,000 meters after that and he's a very good horse. He's so good he even could have won the Derby. Now we have to hope that he makes it to the Grand Prix de l'UET instead" says Puro.
"Da Pepperboy had been for a while and only got one race before the eliminations and wasn't ready for that. The initial plan was to not race him the the derby eliminations and wait for the Grand Prix de l'UET instead, but at least I got another race into him".

"A tough and strong horse"
Another very capable four year old in Puro stable is Burning Man who has four wins in seven starts so far. In his last start he won super easy from the lead and he will be the favorite in the fourth leg of V75. A V75 card that comes with a jackpot where a possible sole winner can take home SEK 27 million. Burning Man drew a perfect post three over 2,640 meters. He will be driven by Christoffer Eriksson.
"Burning Man (V75-4) is one of four strong four year olds in my stable. He's a big and tough horse and won in 1:15.9 over three kilometers without being tired in his last start. Unfortunately he hasn't gotten any consistency due to his bad knees. He can't handle more than two starts a month. That was the issue when he raced at Halmstad, not enough time between starts. So he doesn't benefit from racing back to back weeks like many other horses" says Puro.
"He's a tough and strong horse who is easy to drive. I thought this looked like a fitting race and it's three weeks since his last start so that should be perfect. He feels good and sound at home but he only does heavy training, no speed. He'll be better and better the more he races".
"He can leave ok but they should have respect for him and the front end is always good at Jägersro. I think he has a good chance to win the race, especially with his last start in mind and he drew well and there's not that many in front of him".
Any changes?
"He raced barefoot behind in his last start but I'm not sure his feet are good enough to do so again. He might go with shoes as he's done earlier and he has raced well like that. He's a big horse, 170 centimeters so barefoot or shoes doesn't matter that much then. No other changes".

"Was freshened up and given a period of training"
The second V75 horse form Petri Puro stable on Saturday is Cashback Pellini in the fifth V75 leg. He has won eight his 2 starts and five of eight this year. He made breaks in his last two starts though. He's returning to the track after  some time off and will be driven by Björn Goop, starting from post six behind the gate.
"Cashback Pellini (V75-5) raced a couple times too many before I put him away. He's had a long season behind him and started racing in October last year until early July this year. He was known to have a lot of soundness issues and started working out when he came in to my training. He used to make a lot of breaks before.
"He's been freshened up and given a perios of training and he's now ready to start the fall season. He's trained well but also with him, I've only given him heavy training and no speed. I hope it's enough but I honestly have no idea how he will perform in the race. But these Ready Cash offspring usually race well when they are sound".
He's a tough and strong horse but V75 is always tough and it's hard for me to answer about his chances. I think Burning Man is a better chance. We'll see if he gets in to the race or if maybe the driver will be aggressive. He doesn't have enough feet to race barefoot behind as before so shoes on for him. But he might race barefoot upfront, he's got plenty of feet there" says Petri Puro.