V75® Saturday (jackpot): "Both my horses can win"

Diedrik Meilink has two interesting horses who are both candidates to win in this Saturday's jackpot V75®.
One of them is Reverend Wine who delivered a big surprise when he won in his last start.
"But it won't be a surprise if he wins this race. I think he's one of the best in the race and he should have a good chance to win" says Meilink.

He's been a Solvalla trainer for two years now and is stabled at Taxinge farm in Nykvarn. Diedrik Meilink used to a trainer at Mantorp before he took a year off from training horses. 
"A herniated disc was bothering me and was away for over a year. I decided to just wait it out since it's such a tricky surgery to do. I then took a slow start as I got back to training and started with only four horses" sayd Diedrik Meilink. 
"Things are working great here at Taxinge, a farm where other trainers have been and have shown good results, such as Timo Nurmos and Hans-Owe Sundberg to name two. It doesn't surprise me since the farm is great. I take care of the place now and have taken over the lease. I also do all the track maintenance myself". 


"He was sad and stopped eating"
Diedrik Meilink has 23 horses in training, most of them are yearlings and two year olds. But two of his racehorses will compete on V75® this Saturday at his old home track Mantorp. a V75 that comes with a jackpot which guarantees a sole winner taking home at least SEK 48 million. In the first leg we find reverend Wine, who surprised the bettors when winning on V86® recently and he's chasing his third straight win here.
"Reverend Wine (V75-1) is a versatile and very pleasant horse to be around. He's sweet and kind and easy to work with and a nice horse to drive" says Meilink. 
"I was happily surprised that he could win from such a bad post over 2,100 meters in his last start. He got a nice trip and sprinted by his opponents easily oce he shook loose. It was a great finish and he's been very good in both starts after the long layoff". 
"He was very tired and a V75 final last spring and wasn't feeling well at all. He stopped eating and looked very down and sad, that's when you have to listen to your horse. He got the summer off to rest and recharge it really did him well". 
"He drew a bad post here again with post eleven, but it's not that big of a deal when it's 2,600 meters. I haven't studied the program all that much yet, but at a first glance the race didn't look much tougher than the one he won in his last start. He trained on the straight track today (Monday) and everything was well with him. I think he's one of the best in the race and he should have a good chance to win". 

"Was very good in her return - should be considered early"
Diedrik Meilink is also racing the four year old mare Wave Length in V75-2. She's made two starts after a one year long layoff and she's finished second and third, both times from post positions in the second tier. On Saturday she will start from post eight in 'volt' start and will be driven by Örjan Kihlström. 

"Wave Lenght (V75-2) was very good in her return and trotted 1:15 right off that layoff and in her last start she had to advance too early and go three wide for a long time. She couldn't catch the leader but Björn Goop drives so well and he was in the lead with a horse from his own stable".
"My mare has raced well both times after the layoff and before that she had surgery in her knees and ankles. She feels great now and should be improved with these two races. She has a good post for a stalking trip and she's very speedy so I'm optimistic. She should be considered early in this race". 

Who has the better chance of your two V75 starters?
"That would be Reverend Wine but don't forget about Wave Length. My advice to the bettors is to use both on your V75 ticket. I can't guarantee a win on either of them but they both need to be on a serious V75 ticket. No changes on either horse, both of them always race with shoes and that works well" says Diedrik Meilink.