V75 (Saturday): Propulsion getting ready at home

Saturday will be the end of a historical season in Swedish trotting.
Propulsion can surpass SEK 11 million in earnings in one year.
The road there goes through the gold division at Romme race track.
"He has been treated by my veterinarian and he feels very good right now" says trainer Daniel Redén.

Various bonuses and currency exchange rates make it hard to compare earnings from different decades in the world of trotting.
But on Saturday Propulsion will most likely put an end to the winningest season of all time in for a Swedish trotter.
For Daniel Redén it's been an outstanding year and he will win the training title in Sweden for the first time.
With earnings of SEK 43.2 million he equals Stig H Johansson's total from 2002 and is beaten only by Åke Svanstedt from 2011 and 2012.
But we're not looking back, we're looking forward.
Propulsion's number one goal is on the other side of the new year.
The Prix d'Amerique at Vincennes, last Sunday of January.
After having finished fourth and third in his two previous tries, Daniel Redén has changed the road to Prix d'Amerique this year.
Instead of shipping down early to race the French stars in their preparing races, he's opted to race at home in Sweden.

"One start at a time"
That means the V75® audience gets another chance to enjoy the horse who might be the best trotter in the world.
Their last chance to do so was in the V75 finals at Solvalla on November 24 when Propulsion sat way back in the field and suffered his first loss in six months.
"I don't think there was anything wrong with how my horse performed. It was an odd type of race and his heart rate wasn't very high after the race. The only chance he had to win would have been to go four deep the last kilometer" Redén explains.
After that Propulsion went to visit the doctor.
"It was definitely nothing serious. Just like all athletes at the elite level he needs maintenance and we work on his knees from time to time. We had to consider the different withdrawal times so that was the best time to do it and hopefully we are good until Prix d'Amerique now".
How many more preparing races awaiting Propulsion is yet undecided.
"We take one start at a time and evaluate things as we go. If he's as good as I hope, we'll make one or maybe two more starts in Sweden".

Bringing out the 'France bike'?
That Propulsion will be mega favorite in V75-3 is obvious. His only serious opponent seems to be On Track Piraten, the winningest horse on V75.
"It looks like a good race for him. Of course he's not in top form. I would say his form is at a seven out of ten, the ten will come in a month. But he feels very good in training, which is the most important thing".
Since it's no longer allowed to race barefoot in Sweden (after December 1) he will have to race with shoes for the first time since May. If he'll race in the American sulky he always uses in Sweden and in the pull down bridle he's raced with since the final heat of Elitloppet is still undecided.
"He will race with aluminum mushroom shoes upfront, the same way he raced in his first two starts this year. I haven't decided on bike and bridle just yet. He's raced in the American sulky in all his Swedish starts, but maybe it's time to bring his 'France bike' out and let him try it again. He has won in 1:10 in that bike so that's nothing to be worried about".
How do you think Propulsion will perform on Saturday?
"The last time he got this treatment by the veterinarian was after winning in Boden back in June. He then raced a month later in Årjäng and won in 1:09.2 and had a great bounce to his stride. I hope he'll be the same way on Saturday" says Daniel Redén.