V75®: (Saturday & Sunday): Hot Derby weekend for Nordström

On Saturday, he is racing the star of the stable in the jackpot infused V75 card.
On Sunday, he has a chance to win the Swedish Trotting Derby.
Per Nordström has an exciting weekend ahead of himself at his home track Jägersro.

One year ago, 8 Önas Prince (V75-3) fought bravely in the Swedish Trotting Derby and crossed the finish line second. This year, he has taken the step into the older Swedish elite. But after he made a break with a chance to win in Elitloppet last Sunday of May, he hasn't been as sharp. Until now...
"When I trained him last Friday I saw on the heart rate monitor that he is back in the Elitlopp form again. His resting heart rate was back down to 26 and that means he is in top form. That’s the lowest I have ever seen him have. The last few starts he has been at 30-31 so he hasn't been in top form since Elitloppet" says Per Nordström in the podcast V75 - lördag hela veckan. 
"After Elitloppet his form went down. He wasn't happy with the Finland trip and he was just so so in Hugo Åbergs. I thought he was just decent, even if he got a tough trip in Jubileumspokalen. I had to use him pretty hard the first 1,200 meters there. But he came out of that start the right way and now I feel that he is where he should be". 
V75 this week comes with a jackpot, the pool for all seven winners picked is predicted to be around SEK 54 million and Önas Prince will be among the biggest favorites of the entire V75 card. He is quick out of the gate, but since he drew post eight, his trainer and driver is considering taking him off the gate and racing him from behind this time.
"There are only nine horses in the field, so it's not impossible that I will take him off the gate. He races very well from behind too, he can race from any position, but we will see what happens. I will probably race him with a pull-down, can't-see-back bridle so he won't get too aggressive behind the gate, just in case I don't want to leave with him. If I close him up, he will get a bit sharper. so I think a pull-down bridle will work well on him". 
"As close to top form as possible" 
Gold division in all its glory. The highlight of the weekend is the Swedish Trotting Derby. The blue ribbon of Swedish Trotting offers a first prize of SEK 2,000,000 – twice that for all horses who are included in Premiechansen – and Per Nordström sits behind one of the hottest contestants. Two starts ago, Kentucky River won Eskilstuna Fyraåringstest over the Derby distance 2,640 meters and he won his Derby elimination easily after having made a move to the lead halfway through the race.
"I think he has raced very well all year and has shown that he belongs in the Derby. I said that early, that he is something special. After every start I am as surprised when I train him the following time and nothing gets to him, he takes each start like a man, and he just feels even better. I think his form is as close to top form as possible for this Sunday".
Per Nordström's horse, who surpassed SEK 1 million in earnings when he won the elimination, has post three behind the gate. To his immediate outside he has the undefeated Lulius Boko, and one notch further out is the king of the crop so far, Francesco Zet. 
"My horse can leave pretty well. I don't know how quick Lulius Boko is, I haven't raced him side by side, and same thing with Francesco. Of course we will all try to get away as fast as we can, without going over the limit. I will try to be safe and get as good of a position as I possibly can" says Per Nordström.