V75® (Sunday): Perfect spot for Frode's newest star

He does not have any horse in the Elitlopp but he can still end up one of the big winners on Sunday.
Frode Hamre has a few great cards up his sleeve for the big trotfest at Solvalla.
"Ringostarr Treb will win the Elitlopp wire to wire and of my own horses Giveitgasandgo is my best chance by far" says the Norwegian top trainer.

This weekend tens of thousands of people will come to Solvalla from all over the world. Elitloppet at Solvalla is one of the year's biggest sports events and last year the three day long event had a total of 60,000 spectators.
"Elitloppet must be experienced live. It's like the big football games, a big party with an amazing atmosphere. No matter how much you try to describe the feeling at Solvalla, it still must be experienced live" says Frode Hamre.
What is your best memory of Elitloppet?
"I've been there many times and I think Moni Maker (-98) was great. I would put her on top. My brother Atle was also in it and finished third with Giant Touchdown".
"Another special race was when Stig H won with Victory Tilly (-00). Stig H has won it several times but that year was special. I've looked up to him since I was 16 years old.

Could have raced in Elitloppet
Neither Stig H Johansson nor Frode Hamre has any horse in Elitloppet. But that doesn't stop the top trainer from our neighbours in the west to play a major part of the Sunday V75®. Two of the seven legs are the Elitlopp eliminations but the entire card is a smorgasbord of high class racing. In Fyraåringseliten (V75-7) Frode Hamre has U.S. import Giveitgasandgo, who could have raced in Elitloppet.
"I knew he was a nice horse and he had good results from over there but he's been fantastic and has really exceeded our expectations so far" says Hamre.
Giveitgasandgo made over SEK 3.5 millions as a two and three year old for trainer John Butenschoen in the U.S. This year he stepped right into the Scandinavian elite with a bang. In his second start for Frode Hamre he finished second in the final of Olympiatravet behind Ringostarr Treb and beat Elitlopp contenders Takethem and Lionel. He followed up by also finishing second in Algot Scot's Minne. Winning there automatically qualifies the horse for Elitloppet. Now that invitation was given Nadal Broline.
"After his effort in Olympiatravet and considering the horses he beat we started a discussion regrading Elitloppet. It was never really in my thoughts but behind the three best horses, Bold Eagle, Propulsion and Ringostarr Treb it's wide open and he's no worse than anyone else. Had we gotten invited, we would have accepted but Elitloppet will be back next year and the four year old race actually fits him better this year.

"Then he can trot very fast"
It's not quite as easy as just collecting the money in Fyraårseliten for Giveitgasandgo. There are many very capable horses in the race. Amongst them is Enterprise, who beat Giveitgasandgo in last year's Hambletonian. But since Frode Hamre's horse drew post one, most signs point towards him going wire to wire here.
"He trained this morning (Monday) and felt strong and good and in a great mood so the form is intact. Post one is normally good for him and I hope he can hold up the lead. Then he can trot very fast over this distance".
How fast?
"I think low range of 1:09".

"This is a really nice horse"
Giveitgasandgo's stable mate Promo Kemp is also racing in Fyraårseliten but has no chance according to his trainer, who has a lot of hopes for his two horses in the three year old race Treårseliten (V75-2).
The two American imports Sweet Talkin Hall and M.S.Triple J. are both making their European debuts here and Frode Hamre is pleased with both of them.
"Sweet Talkin Hall raced well in the U.S. as a two year old last year but had surgery after he came over to Norway and had an easy winter. He's gotten a lot of training the last few months and this is a really nice horse. He has a lot of speed but also stamina to go the distance. Last Friday he train 1:16/2000 meters in a good way. He comes well prepared and won't need a race to be ready to win but he's not 100% safe".
"I think he has more ability of my two horses in the race but M.S.Triple J. is safer and faster out of the gate. He trained together with Sweet Talkin Hall in that 1:16 trip and he's a very nice horse and I'm sure he'll race well at Solvalla".
Sounds like your horses could finish 1-2?
"They sure could. But Erik's horse (1 Global Withdrawl) is good and the other Norwegian horse outside of mine (4 Catherine's Chevy) is also good and very fast".

Won in a fast time last year
In Fyraårseliten för ston - four year old mares - Frode Hamre has another U.S. import. Waffle Cone (V75-6) introduced herself to the crowd at Solvalla last year when she won the three year old filly race in 1:10.9.
"She has raced OK this year but hasn't been at her best. She finished second in her last start but she had some throat issues. She feels good in training but post ten at the fast track at Solvalla is not easy. I don't think she will win again this year. If she can be third or fourth then I'm happy".