V75®: VästerboontheNews with Legolas feeling

A fairy tale horse in Legolas' race.
VästerboontheNews is better than ever as a nice year old and should according to his trainer have a good chance to win Legolas' Minne at Åby this Saturday.
"It's like a fairy tale with him too. He feels so good, it would be silly not to think he can win again" says Lars Brindeborg.

 VästerboontheNews is one of those horse who get better with age. 
January first he turns ten years old, but shows no signs of age pains.
The set up with just slow jog and field rest has resulted in VästerboontheNews racing pretty much without a break for a couple of years now.
After finishing second in SM and Müllers' Memorial, he took his biggest victory in his last start at Solvalla. Örjan Kihlström led every step of the race with the nine year as he won Silverhästen and SEK 250,000. 
Lars Brindeborg first got in touch with VästerboontheNews when he was three years old and had an issue with an ankle that stopped him from racing when in training with Svante Båth. 
"I worked for Petri Puro back then and he came in to my care. In the barn we've called him "Bosse" from day one. A wonderful individual who I have lots of fun with".
"He's made it through the classes slowly but surely and now he's all the way up in gold and he's better than ever" says Lars Brindeborg.

Bosse is also kind of a fairy tale horse
On Saturday VästerboontheNews is one of the favorites in Legolas' Minne - Legolas who went from nothing to superstar status and really became the peoples' horse in a way no one else ever has. 
Halmstad based trainer Brindeborg feels that he also has a fairy tale horse in VästerboontheNews. 
"It's like a fairy tale with Bosse too" says Brindeborg who recently renewed his trainer's license after a ten year hiatus and trains at Kronhults Gård in Getinge, just outside Halmstad. 

To the front again?
This nine year old gelding is phenomenal when it comes to knowing what's training and what's racing according to his trainer. He knows when it's business. If not, he wouldn't have made the SEK 4.3 millions he has on his account.
Legolas' Minne will go as V75®-3 on Saturday and is the feature race of the day and Bosse will count as one of the favorites.
"Last time he got a little lonely on the front end and slowed down towards the wire, but he wasn't tired after the race. He's in really good form and I'd say he even got better the last few starts. He's feeling good, is happy with himself and life in general and on the front he should have a good chance again".

VästerboontheNews is very quick behind the gate and drew post position two. Chances of getting to the front?
"He usually leaves well and Örjan has gotten him to the front every time so far. So it would be silly to not think he will again, at least in the early stages. If he feels as good as he has before I would think Örjan would like to stay on the front and then we'll see how it turns out. The fact that all horses have to race with shoes now is nothing I lose any sleep over - it's same for all". 

Finally, in the fillies and mares race (V75-2) Ulrika Highness is starting 20 meters behind. She showed good form with a solid rally to finish second in her last start.
"She's a tough mare and can handle a tough trip. With a good pace she usually has a solid last 700 meters which she showed in her start. She's also in good form and shoes on is not the end of the world for her either. She can be tricky with the "volt start" but if she's in a good mood she can step out of there pretty well. She should have a good chance on her form and capacity" says Brindeborg. 

Writer's note: This will be second V75 card since the prohibition of racing barefoot after December 1. All horses must race with shoes on.