V75® (Wednesday): Lugauer has every right to be cocky about his super horse

He won The King's Trophy very impressively.
Campo Bahia is back to qualify for the the big goal of the year - The Swedish Trotting Derby at his home track Jägersro.
"I have one piece of advice to his oppononets. Don't try to hang him out, you won't be able to. When it comes to Campo Bahia, I have every right to be cocky" says Conrad Lugauer.

One of this year's more interesting and exciting race nights is coming up on Wednesday night. It's time for the eliminations to The Swedish Trotting Derby and The Mares Derby. The top two finishers from each heat will go through to the finals which will be held at Jägersro September 1. There's also V75® at Jägersro on Wednesday this week as well as on both Thursday and Friday and it ends with a multi jackpot V75 on Saturday at Bergsåker. But first up is Wednesday when we will get to see the super horse Campo Bahia returning to the races. He is together with Attraversiamo the big favorite going into the Derby eliminations and the four year old stud horse was very impressive when he won the King's Trophy. So far he has six wins and two seconds in nine career starts. Last year he finished second in the Swedish Trotting Kriterium and he has made a total of SEK 3.7 million so far. Now Campo Bahia has the chance to take home the ultimate classic - The Swedish Trotting Derby. 

"I have a horse who can win the Derby and that would be huge as a Jägersro licensed trainer. We have prepared well and will fight to do all we can to win it. He feels very good and I hope we will survive the elimination. Then we will do all we can to take home the Derby" says trainer Conrad Lugauer. 

Trained in 1:12
Campo Bahia hasn't raced since the victory in The King's Trophy in the middle of May. The aim was set at the Derby following that victory and he has since then been fine tuned in training to be in top shape now.
"He got some rest and after that he got a lot of heavy training on my uphill track. With six weeks to the Derby we started training intervals to sharpen his form. He's also been to Jägersro and finished with a quick heat now before the Derby eliminations. He did that brilliantly and I was very pleased with him. 

How fast did you go with him?
"They timed him officially in 1:13.2 but I had to go wide around a tractor in the last turn so my GPS watch showed 1:12 flat. I was very pleased with him and he felt very harmonious and strong". 
What else can you tell us about Campo Bahia during this period of training that you gave him?
"It feels like he's developed quite a bit this year. Even just during the last few months, since he last raced in the spring. We will be able to see that in the future. If you look back at The King's Trophy you can tell he doesn't take it seriously even though it was such a good performance. He's always been very playful and we've helped him improve those things".
"We came up with a training schedule to among other things better his ability to leave. I can feel that he's gotten more serious and more experienced. It will help him in the races. He's developed physically and gotten stronger too. He's in very good shape now and he looks great". 
You're not shy to officially praise your star horse. Before The King's Trophy you said that he's like Messi and Ronaldo. Are you not afraid to be too optimistic?
"I know it sounds super good when I say it like that but there's no other way for me to say it. I don't want to make the horse better than what he is but as I've said before, why can't I say how good he is? I compared him to Messi and Ronaldo because he can do things the other horses can't. At home in training he's like any other horse but as soon as he gets to a racetrack he grows".
"I got that confirmed in the Derby trial in the spring. When he made the break in the first turn and still came back. With one lap to go Roberth Bergh didn't want to let me go with his horse but he just had to. Campo just trots faster than the others. He has a knockout effect and the others can't defend against it. Attraversiamo for example raced great in The King's Trophy and trotted very fast the last 500 meters but Campo simply trotted faster". 

We've reached the eliminations and Campo Bahia will be the giant favorite, despite a bad post eight in the first V75 leg. What do you think about his chances in the elimination?
"Now I'll sound cocky again when I talk about Campo Bahia but it's ok for me to be. He drew a bad post but this horses is the only horse who doesn't care about a bad post. We're on the outside and can leave at our own pace and I have one piece of advice to the opponents; don't try to hang him out, you won't be able to".
"As a trainer you know you lose more races than you win. But when you have a horse like this, it must be nice for the public to get to see such a great individual. Attraversiamo is also a super horse and I hope he's in great shape and makes it to the final. It would be fun for the public with both these horses in top form" says Lugauer. 

"He's strong and cruel - can torture them"
The Jägersro trainer has five other starters on V75 this Wednesday night. Four of them in the Derby eliminations and one in a Mares Derby elimination.
"Night Brodde (V75-2) got locked in and was climbing over horses in the Margareta race at Solvalla in his last start. He would have won had he gotten out. In my opinion he has a chance to make the final, he's a very nice four year old who's been in these type of races before. Had it not been for my bad drive he would have been in The King's Trophy final".
"Gambit Brodde (V75-3) is in very good form and has raced well this year and won five races. This is a tough race and even though he's got a good post it will be tough for him to make the final".
"Ilydia Boko (V75-4) makes an interesting start here and I hope she will have a good chance to win. If she has a good day she can trot very fast. She's got the advantage with the home track and also with the inside post. She had the inside post in her last start, left quickly and won the race. She will race with pullouts for the first time".
"Ferrari Sisu (V75-5) was super when he won two starts ago and just as good in his last start when he made a break in the start and lost a lot of ground. He still wasn't far behind the winner. He's got a tricky post and it's a tough race but I still want to put out a little warning for him. I'm not saying he will beat the best ones but he's strong and cruel and he can really torture them".
"Admirer (V75-6) is in good form and he raced very well in Visby two starts ago. I think he's one class below the best ones in his crop and it will be tough for him to make the final. He has trotted 1:13 before but it feels like these horses are too tough for him this time. He's good over the long distance though and it's not impossible that he can end up top three".