V75® (Wednesday): Who's Who ready for this year's big goal

He was brilliant when winning his most recent start and Örjan Kihlström was very impressed after the race.
The star trotter Who's Who has now come to the big goal of the year - Jubileumspokalen.
"Everyone in this business is dreaming of once getting a horse like this. It will be an awesome night and it feels very exciting" says trainer Pasi Aikio.

Wednesday night at Solvalla is the time and place for some high class trot races. It's time for this year's Jubileumspokalen with SEK 1 million to the winner. The undercard is full of great races on this V75® night.
The charismatic Who's Who caught a lot of eyes early due to his name and the similarities to his father Maharajah. He was piling up wins but his real breakthrough came when he won both a leg and a final of V75 in the spring of last year. That's also when he became the favorite to win the Derby and just like his father he won impressively in the ultimate classic race. Who's Who crushed his opponents and won in 1:12.0/2,640 meter which was a new Swedish record for four year old horses and geldings. A very touched trainer Pasi Aikio was soaking up the crowd's ovations in his yellow Derby jacket and emotionally it was the highlight of his career. 

Looked fantastic
This year Who's Who has made four starts. After an easy win in his first start he followed up by finishing second in his Gold division debut after a very quick finishing sprint. After that he's won two in a row. Both times he's delivered very quick finishes. At his most recent victory in the four year old test at Eskilstuna he flew by his opponents impressively. The five year old stud horse looked fantastic as he trotted the last kilometer in 1:09.2, without having to go all out. Winning driver Örjan Kihlström was very impressed after the race.
"This horse is such a wonderful horse and he feels fantastic. He's quite unique in the sense that he can trot with loose lines until the last 600 meters. That's when he just grabs a hold of the bit and knows it's time to compete. He really understands what racing is all about" said Örjan Kihlström after the race. 

Wasn't tired
Trainer Pasi Aikio was on a fishing trip in the northern parts of Sweden and watched the race on his phone.
"My horse looked very good and trotted very quickly down the stretch. All of his starts this year has gone that way. He's been sitting and waiting and finishing with a great speed every time. It's nice to know that he has that speed, because I know that he has the strength from before. I've talked to Örjan after and he said he wasn't tired. There was more in the tank" says Pasi Aikio.

How has he been in training after that last start?
"The caretaker has trained him the last few times and everything seems well with him. It really feel like he's taken a step forward with every start we've given him this year. He's been getting better with every start". 

Does he have any peculiarities at home?
"He's a bit special but he's a very nice stud horse. When we go out to train he likes to stop and look out across the meadows. He's allowed to do that even if takes some extra time, it's worth it". 

"One of the horses who can win - dreaming about Prix d'Amerique"
The Solvalla trainer said early that the first big goal of the year for Who's Who was Jubileumspokalen. The soon six time millionaire (SEK) has reached that and will be the favorite in this Wednesday's big five year old race. He will start from post nine in the second tier with regular driver Örjan Kihlström. The opponents are lead by horses like Villiam and Milliondollarrhyme. To be able to race in such a big race at his own track is huge for trainer Pasi Aikio.
"Now we're here and it feels great. This is of course something that everyone in this business is dreaming of. To have a horse this good and get to race in the big races. It will be an awesome night and it feels very exciting" says Pasi Aikio.
"This is a great race and all the horses are very good horses. Trip and racing luck will determine a lot but he's one of the horses who can win. He just has to stay out of trouble along the way and if the trip somewhat works out he will be there battling for the win. He'll race the same way again, barefoot, blind bridle and in the American sulky. No changes". 

What does the future look like, is France and Prix d'Amerique on the map?
"We'll take one start at a time but the dream is Prix d'Amerique and I think he has shown that he's good enough to compete there".