V75®/jackpot: Nurmos making interesting changes for the finals

A V75® double last weekend and the hottest trainer going into the finals at Solvalla.
Timo Nurmos is racing eight horses, including Zenit Brick and Sir Ratzeputz who are chasing a ticket to Olympiatravet.
Here he reveals which of his V75 winners was pulling across the finish line, which ones have their optimal post positions and he also tells us about several equipment and shoeing changes.
"I think I will take some weight off Zenit Brick and race him barefoot behind this week" says Nurmos.


Timo Nurmos has his stable in super form his horses win a third of their starts. This past Sunday he took a V75® double with Ile Saint Louis and Globalsatisfaction. Also, Zenit Brick was a very good second on the outside in the first leg of Olympiatravet.
With these starts Nurmos surpassed SEK 10 millions in earning this year and he's by far the superior leader of the Swedish trainers standings with SEK 0.3 millions. 
"That's good. My horses have stayed healthy and have been able to absorb the training they've been given. They are strong and want to go" Nurmos says as we reach him this Monday evening. 

"Fantastic - another great effort"
Zenit Brick was great in his defeat finishing second to On Track Piraten after doing the job on the outside of the leader, Digital Ink. On Saturday he's racing in the gold division final - also the second leg of Olympiatravet. Björn Goop is suspended so Örjan Kihlström gets the drive this week and they drew post one behind the gate. 
"Zenit Brick (V75-3) was fantastic and came up with another great effort. It's not winning the gold division on the outside and now he's been there two starts in a row and gotten beat by a horse with a better trip. I think these two starts are two of his better efforts in his career" says Timo Nurmos. 
"He has developed a lot, especially mentally and i can't even remember last time he raced badly. Now he's starting from the inside, just like he did three starts ago. Then he found a way out and won the race. But you never now where he'll end up this time. He can leave faster than he's shown but the drivers haven't tried to. I think I will take some weight off this time and race him barefoot behind if the track allows it. It's been a long time and now is a good time for it. He'll race in his regular sulky and no other changes are planned. He should have a good chance if he finds a way out". 

"In very good form and the post position is perfect"
You also have Sir Ratzeputz starting from post two in this race. Comments on him?
Sir Ratzeputz (
V75-3) was absolutely fantastic finishing second in his last start at Mantorp and felt great training today (Monday). Erik got the horse fired up and when he got too sharp he didn't want to grab in to him too much. Normally he's a very nice horse to drive and doesn't pull. He's in ver y good form and the post position is perfect with post two since he can leave really well. Barefoot and American sulky again". 

How are these two horses compared to each other?
"They are two completely different types of horses. Sir Ratzeputz is very speedy and Zenit Brick has the strength as his biggest asset. He's very tough and can do it the hard way. The trip they get will determine who finishes first".

"Would have won if he got out sooner - had tons left"
Timo Nurmos have six more starters on V75 this Saturday. A V75 card that comes with a jackpot where a sole winner can take home SEK 54 millions. 
Nurmos has the following to say about them: 

"Faye Bros (V75-1) was locked in for too long and she would have won if she got out sooner. She's really coming in to form now and it's too bad she drew post eight over 1,600 meters. She'll race barefoot and with an American sulky". 
"Ile Saint Louis (V75-2) has raced her two best races of her career these last two starts. She deserved winning last week after racing very well in Halmstad. She's gotten a lot stronger and it was a very strong effort from her to win on the outside last week. Post one is perfect for her since can leave really fast and loves racing on the front end. She'll race barefoot again and in a regular sulky and i have to be optimistic".
"Linus Boy (V75-5) got a tough trip on the outside and was excused in his last start. He had been sick and missed out on some training prior to that so he'll be better now. The post position is good and he can leave. It's a tough race but I expect a good effort from him. He'll race with shoes and a regular sulky".
"Globalsatisfaction (V75-5) won easily last Sunday and Ulf Ohlsson said he was pulling across the wire with the earplugs still in. That can be useful when the final is just six days later. He was very good when he won V75 in Eskilstuna and wasn't empty then either, even if he had do go on the outside there too. He wasn't tired in his comeback race either. He has really come back strong and he's soon in the gold division.  The long layoff was due to a fetlock issue and he also had throat surgery. Bad luck getting post post twelve in a final, everyone knows how tough that is. He raced barefoot and with a blind bridle in his last start. He'll race barefoot again but now with a blind bridle from post twelve. I have to think about which bridle to use. Regular sulky again". 

"Got the post I wished for - barefoot and pull off earhood"
"Aventador S.F. (V75-6) 
was second on V75 and trotted 1:12 in his last start and raced very well. He races well every start but hasn't had that many starts and lacks in experience. He wins half of his starts and is getting better and better. He raced barefoot and with an American sulky for the first time in his last start and will do so again. He also drew post twelve in a final which brings his chances down". 
"Erik Sting (V75-7) 
is in very good form and won with lots left in the tank in his last start. He's been in good form for a long time now but he's had some bad luck and made some early breaks. He drew a very good post here, the one I wished for, and he can leave very quickly if the driver wants to. He raced with a set earhood in Mantorp but this week I think I will switch to a pull off earhood. He will probably race barefooot if the track allows it and we just might try warming him up in an American sulky and then we'll see if he'll race with it or not. He should have a good chance" says Timo Nurmos.