V75®/jackpot (Saturday): Readly Express will be tough to beat in the super duel

Propulsion versus Readly Express.
On Saturday the super duel becomes reality in Åby Stora Pris.
"They are two of the best horses in the world. Readly Express feels great in training and will be tough to beat".

On Saturday it's showtime at Åby racetrack in Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg when Åby Stora Pris will be raced. The winner gets SEK 2 million and two of the hottest trotters in the world right now will line up behind the gate. Propulsion, who after finishing second in Elitloppet has won Norrbottens Stora Pris, Årjängs Stora Sprinterlopp and Hugo Åberg Memorial in very impressive fashion. Now he has to take on the Prix d'Amerique champion Readly Express, who has only made one start since the big battle in Paris, late January. He won impressively in Jämtlands Stora Pris at Östersund in the beginning of June and since then the aim has been set at Åby Stora Pris.
"Readly Express (V75®-7) has trained along all summer and has also trained together with Twister Bi lately. They've become training partners and have done mostly heavy training on the uphill track. Today (Monday) Timo trained Readly on the track and from what I've heard everything was fine" says Andreas Lövdal in Timo Nurmos stable.
When we reach Timo Nurmos a little later on Monday night he confirms that he was satisfied with today's training session.
"I trained in him in 1:20/2,100 meter and he felt good. He's not at all peaked for this race but all is well. It's been a while since he last raced and you have to keep in mind that a horse like Propulsion has raced all along. But I'm happy with my horse and it will be an exciting race on Saturday" says Timo Nurmos.

"Can leave faster than people think"
Propulsion drew post one for Saturday while Readly Express drew post four behind the gate. He will be driven by Jorma Kontio and in Nurmos stable, they're happy with the draw.
"It's a perfect post position and he will be able to leave well from there. He can leave much faster than what people think. But we haven't left hard with him much, since we don't want him to get hot. He's very calm and quiet and I think if Jorma really wants to fire him off the gate, he can leave really fast. It won't be easy against Propulsion but on the front end Readly will be very tough to beat. I haven' heard about any changes so he should be racing barefoot again" says Andreas Lövdal.

Only five horses have ever beaten him
Readly Express and Propulsion raced against each other in this year's Prix d'Amerique which Readly Express won before Bold Eagle, with Propulsion finishing third.
So far only five horses have finished ahead of him in his 26 lifetime starts. These are Bålsta Palema (when Readly finished second to him in his fourth lifetime start), Pacific Broline (beat Readly in a photo finish in a Breeders Crown-final), Southwind Mozart (Readly second to him in his first start of 2016) and also Bird Parker and Bold Eagle who finished ahead of him in this year's Prix de Belgique.

"Never got in to the race"
Timo Nurmos stable also has Zenit Brick in Åby Stora Pris and he will start from post seven with driver Mika Forss.
"Zenit Brick (V75-7) had a fantastic winter and spring season. He got some time off before his last start at Axevalla and we can forget that start where he never got in to the race from a bad post position. He sat way too far back in the field, but Björn Goop was happy with how the horse felt and he has trained well after that start. He felt good training this morning (Monday) too. He's in against Readly and Propulsion and they are too good for him, but behind them he's as good as anyone and he will race as he usually does, so no changes there" says Andreas Lövdal.

Hot chances in this jackpot V75
Åby is hosting V75 finals spiced up with a jackpot where a sole winner can take home SEK 37 million. Timo Nurmos stable have four horses in very good form on V75.
"Roheryn (V75-1) was outstanding in her last start. She got a very tough trip and it was impressive of her to come up with the win. Timo was very impressed by her. She came out of the race well and feels good at home in training. She has only raced badly once for us and that time the track was no good and she couldn't grab a hold of it. She got the best possible post position here with post one since she can leave the gate very quickly. She's made the front from post seven and eight before so it won't be easy for anyone to get past her here. In her last start she raced in an American sulky for the first time and I haven't heard about any changes for this start. She'll race barefoot again and she's got a good chance".
"Linus Boy (V75-5) has raced very well lately and he got a well deserved win in his last start. He finished the race at full speed and in the start before that he trotted a very good last kilometer. He has the best post he's had in a long time and this is his fourth week in a row racing but I don't think that will be a problem for him. He looks sound and happy at home after his win last Saturday and he's tough enough to be able to win again. No changes".

"Could very well end up the winner here"
"Globalsatisfaction (V75-5) has shown that he's a very good horse and puts up great efforts in V75 all the time. He usually gets bad post positions and he's starting from a trailing position here. He won't be able to use his gate speed but he's shown that he can finish well from off the pace and win too. It's been a while since his last start but he's been training all along with this final as the target. He will finish fast again and he could very well end up the winner here. No changes".
"Araw Hoss (V75-6) raced well outside the leader, finishing second in his last start on V75. He was slipping and hit the bike a few times which made him lose speed and stamina. Hopefully he'll be able to grab the track better this time. He has felt good in training after his last start and he'll put up another good effort here. I think he should be considered an early contender too" says Andreas Lövdal.