V75/jackpot: Thumbs up from Stenströmer about Handsome Brad

​All eyes are on Axevalla this weekend.
V75 with jackpot on Saturday and Stochampionatet on Sunday.
Home town trainer Ulf Stenströmer doesn't have any horse in Stochampionatet - but he sends out the favorite in the gold division on Saturday, Handsome Brad.

Stenströmer has 35 horses in his stable and things are gong well. 
"Yes, things have gone great this year. I'm pleased". 
But the Corona situation has put its stamp on this summer's racing. Stochampionatet for example is usually a festival in the Skara region and on the track side camping site. 
"But I think it's great that we get to race at all" says Stenströmer.
He then adds:
"Now when things open up a bit more in the community I think we could take the another little step. To let the owners in. Have them drive in with their cars on the grandstand side or something. There has to be some sort of solution". 
Stenströmer doesn't think it can be compared to having spectators at other sporting events such as football games. 
"So far the people who call the shots have done a great job. I understand that they don't want to offend the authorities. But at football and hockey games there are usually gatherings and parties before the games. But if each owner would get two spots each at a regular Tuesday night at Axevalla there will be no more than 100 people there since all the owners won't be able to come. There has to be a way to make it work". 
"Was great - fought hard all the way to the wire"
Ulf Stenströmer really looks forward to Saturday. 
Sure, his star trotter Handsome Brad drew post position seven behind the gate in Axevallalöpning...but this doesn't look like the toughest gold division this summer, despite a couple of good opponents. 
And the seven year old is in very good form. Two starts ago he won and took home the SEK 500,000 check in Jämtlands Stora Pris at Östersund before Velvet Gio and others.
"He was great in Östersund. He fought hard all the way to the wire there. He was good in Kymi Grand Prix in Finland too, I think. He made up a length and a half on Moni Viking down the stretch and just lost by nose to him for third". 
Stenströmer is optimistic about V75-3 on Saturday. 
"Handsome Brad trained eight intervals in the sand today (Monday) and did it at the heart rate I want him to have. It was a tough but not vey fast workout. He is not a horse who shines in training and he will go some lighter intervals on Thursday. That's the way he usually is prepared". 
Ulf Stenströmer can't be anything but very optimistic with 7 Handsome Brad in V75-3 on Saturday. 
 "He's very quick out of the gate. He has taken the lead against other quick horses before, last time in Finland against some of the best horses in the world, so of course he will leave quickly on Saturday too. If they are able to hold him out, so be it. Ha has raced very well parked out too if he should end up there. He also races well from behind, but I would guess 'Calle' will go forward right from the start now" says Stenströmer. 
He understands that many bettors will leave his horse single on their V75 tickets. 
"This race is not at all as tough as the race he was in last time in Finland with Vitruvio, Cokstile and the others, which was one of the toughest races all year, maybe the toughest one according to me. Handsome Brad is without a doubt the best chance out of my V75 starters on Saturday".  
He usually races barefoot all around?
"And he will on Saturday too". 
The future?
"He hasn't been invited to Åby Stora Pris yet, but if he wins on Saturday he will automatically get invited. I think he should get an invitation even if he wouldn't win. That is one of the big goals this year and he has shown that he is one of the best horses in the elite class". 
"He's more strong than speedy - needs an overpaced race" 
Ulf Stenströmer has two more V75 starters at Axevalla, in the fifth and in the seventh leg. 
Here are his thoughts on 1 Flash Håleryd in the silver division, V75-5:
"He's not a catapult starter but he can leave fast after a few strides, so I hope he can hold up the lead, I don't see any other catapult starters in the race either. Once there, in that case, it's up to Ulf Ohlsson if he wants to race him there or let someone good go. But my horse is in good form. He showed that in his last start when he finished very well from post twelve in the silver division, in the hail storm at Årjäng. There were some good horses in that race". 
9 Vien Ici in V75-7 won as a long shot in Östersund from post position one earlier this summer and has drawn another good stalking post, post nine in the second tier behind the gate (he can choose to follow either post one or two).
"The horses from post one and two on Saturday (Charlock Wiking and Farlander AM) are both quick out of the gate. So I hope Vien Ici is ready in the start. I know Ulf Ohlsson will be. But he will need an overpaced race. Vien Ici is more strong than fast so 1,640 meters is no advantage. Being that he has to start in the second tier over the short distance, I can't be very optimistic regarding his chances" Ulf says. 
Vien Ici is the only Stenströmer horse on V75 that will get a shoeing change, compared to the last start. 
"The material was too course at Årjäng so he had to race with shoes, but he will race barefoot again his time".
You have three starters at Axevalla already on Friday. Any winner there?
"Not really...well possibly The Trick Vick who always finishes well and has stepped it up a notch lately. Maybe..."
"Who is your winner of Stochampionatet?
"I'll say Stefan Melander's Ganga Bae".