V86®: Back after a break - the derby horse is one to count on

Last Wednesday his derby winner Who's Who made his seasonal debut in the best of ways.
This week another one of Pasi Aikio's derby finalists can get the millions rolling on V86®.
"I wouldn't be surprised if he wins" says the Solvalla trainer about this Wednesday's double jackpot on V86.

Last year's derby winner Who's Who looked terrific as he started his season at Solvalla last Wednesday.
"It was exactly what I had hoped for. Since I hadn't trained him any faster heats I wasn't sure where he was in form, but he was where I had hoped he would be and it was very nice to see. Everything is well after that start too" says Pasi Aikio to Kanal 75.
This year's big goal is Jubileumspokalen at Solvalla in August and the road there will probably continue with a start in Swedish Trotting League's gold division on V75® in two weeks.
"If he gets out of this first start the way he seems to be doing, his next start will be in the gold division at Mantorp over 2,600 meters".

Usually races well after a break
Uppohoppa (V86®-2) hasn't reached the same star status as his one year younger stable mate, but he too raced in the final of the Swedish trotting derby as a four year old and he's well known to the V75 audience. When V86 this week is shared between Åby and Örebro, as Solvalla is getting ready for the Elitlopp weekend, he's making his first start in over two months.
"He got tired there for a while so we had to back off. Nothing major, he had a week off and he's been training as usual after that".
In May last year Uppohoppa won his first start of the year on V86 after being off for eight months. Pasi Aikio expects his horse to perform well this time too.
"He's trained as usual here at home and has felt good doing that. He also got one slower heat on the track. He'll probably need a start to get in form but he usually races well after a break and doesn't need much speed to get back in to the game".
What type of equipment will he race with?
"He will race barefoot upfront, with a pull down bridle as before and in an American sulky".
What do you think about tactics and his chances?
"I can't really say we'll use a certain type of tactics, it always depends on how he feels coming up behind the gate, so we'll have to see when the gates swing open. I think he is in good enough form to finish top three and I wouldn't be surprised if he wins. I don't demand a win from him but with some racing luck he could end up right there".
There's a double jackpot in play on V86 this week with SEK 15 millions in the pot. Maybe Uppohoppa could be the key to that treasure chest.