V86®: Bergh rehearsing for the Grand Prix de l'UET with Power

He qualified for the Grand Prix de l'UET final by finishing second behind Ecurie D.
Power is now rehearsing for the final by racing in the St Leger on V86® on Wednesday.
"He looks to be in good form and in harmony . I think he has a good chance" says Robert Bergh.

Last year's Kriterium champion and the best three year old in the country had some problems in the beginning of his four year old campaign. But a break from racing with just training all summer did Power good. He found his form just in time for the Derby eliminations. He won his elimination impressively but didn't get into race in the final. In his most recent start he ran into the impossible Ecurie D. in the Grand Prix de l'UET elimination and finished second behind him without having to go all out. The final will be held on Friday next week at Vincennes in Paris, France. But before that Power is racing at Åby in the ST Leger, a long distance race for four year olds. The distance is 3,140 meters and Power will start with a 40 meter handicap. 

"13 Power (V86-7) got a nice trip in his last start and crossed the finish line without being tired. It was something to build on going into the final. He has been good since his return after the summer and looks to be in good form and in harmony. He has trained mostly on the uphill track and in the woods and he trained today (Sunday) and looked good. I'm very pleased with where he's at right now" says Robert Bergh. 

At his best when racing every ten days
The Åby trainer explains his thought process when he entered Power to the St Léger, with just over a week to go before the final of the Grand Prix de l'UET. 
"I was going back and forth a bit wether to enter or not but it's suitable for him that the race is here at his home track and he has been at his best when he has raced every ten days. Now when he feels so good I want to take advantage of that" says Bergh who won the St Léger last year with Pinto Bob. 
How do you look at the St Léger where Power will be the obvious favorite, starting with a 40 meter handicap?
"There are more horses in the race this year than it usually is, but of course he should have a good chance. It depends on how the race will unfold but I think it looks good on paper. At the start of the race he will first have to catch up to them and after that he could quite possibly go around them all. I'm optimistic and I think he has a good chance to win and he will race barefoot behind as usual". 

Mats Sundin's horses could win
Robert Bergh has a bunch of horses racing on V86, which this Wednesday is split between Åby and Solvalla. Two of the horses - Comand and Foreigh Rain - are part owned by ex hockey super star Mats Sundin. 
"1 Comand (V86-3) is a very capable horse who raced super a few times during the summer. Unfortunately things haven't gone his way lately. I thought he would be great racing barefoot behind in his last start but it didn't work out at all so we are going back to racing with shoes this time. He is a horse who could have made it to the Kriterium final, that's the level of ability he's at. He can leave quickly and at any other track I would have thought that he could hold up the lead but at Åby it's tricky from post position one. Either way the horse should have a good chance to win" says Bergh. 
"8 Foreign Rain (V86-4) is good now and has come back well after being a but too study and rowdy in the summer. A lot has happened for him during these last two months and especially the last month. He finished fifth in his Kriterium elimination where he hung on well after a tough trip. Too bad he drew post position eight but I'm still optimistic regarding his chances". 
Anything else on V86 we should consider?
"1 Island Life (V86-2) got locked in last time in his return and looked good. He has trained well and drew well here with post position one. There is a chance that he could hold up the lead and and he should be considered as a horse with a chance to win" says Robert Bergh who on Wednesday and Thursday is qualifying 38 of his two year olds at Åby. He is also gathering his owners for a party at the Åby hotel on Thursday night.