V86®: Chasing four in a row in his rehearsal for the Elitlopp weekend

In his last start he won easily on V75®.
In his next start he'll be racing in the STL finals during the Elitlopp weekend.
This Wednesday Twice Kronos is tuning up his form on V86®.
"He has a lot of ability" says the horse's trainer Petter Lundberg.

Twice Kronos (V86®-4) has a motley journey behind him. He is seven years old and he has only made eight lifetime starts.
"He's had quite a bit of injuries. We had to remove an OCD (piece of bone) in an ankle behind and he also suffered a fractured coffin bone" says Petter Lundberg, part owner of the horse he's trained since he was a yearling and always thought highly of.
"There's a reason why you keep going with a horse and give it chance after chance. I don't know how good he can get but he's got a lot of ability".

The start is the moment of concern
Twice Kronos has made breaks in four of his eight starts. He has won the four where he's stayed trotting and when he won a leg of Klass II in STL (Swedish Trotting League) he qualified for the finals on Saturday May 25 during the Elitlopp weekend.
"We've treated his front ankles after his last start and after that he has trained as usual. He hasn't trained any heats just intervals at home, so I'm guessing he's not in top form. But before the start at Boden two starts ago he had been off for about a month and just trained the same way he has now and he was pretty good then" says the Eskilstuna trainer.
Twice Kronos won that start by open lengths on the front end and he also won his last start easily in the lead. The only moment of concern for this start is just that - the start itself. This time he's going behind the gate and both times he's started behind the gate, he's made breaks.
"He's lazy but at the same times he's very scared of things going on behind him and the first time he was behind the gate he got scared when the horse next to him came up to the gate. He took off with me for almost a kilometer. But we have to try the gate again before we race in the finals. We'll see how it goes and Ulf Ohlsson (his driver) has to try him behind the gate before the races. Ohlsson is experienced so maybe he has some good ideas".

Earplugs not pulled
The draw went well for Twice Kronos. From post two Ulf Ohlsson doesn't have to leave hard to get a position and Petter Lundberg thinks that the short distance 1,640 meters will fit his horse well.
"Thats's the feeling I have. He's raced over 2,640 meters too but he's quick so I don't think the short distance will be a problem".
Any equipment changes?
"No changes. He will race with shoes and in a regular style sulky again. He will race with either pullout earplugs or a pulloff earhood. He's raced with it before but we've never pulled anything, so it might be the first time if needed".
His chances?
"I don't know the other horses but from what I can see a couple of his toughest opponents Charlock Wiking and Emotion Man drew in the second tier".