V86®: Cold bloods in the summer heat

Four out of eight V86® races are for cold bloods.
That means Jan-Olov Persson is super charged and his best chance is in the Swedish Derby for cold bloods.
"I both hope and think it will go well" says the Hagmyren based trainer and that sounds like he's got a winner.

He often lays low when he's in the big races, but when it comes to this year's derby not even Jan-Olov Persson can tone it down.
You can hear that he thinks he has a great chance with the probable favorite Tekno Eld (V86®-7). This four year old stallion has won seven out of eight starts this year and he looked very good winning his elimination on the front end for driver Ulf Ohlsson.
"He has looked very good and won without being tired. I both hope and think it will go well" says Jan-Olov Persson.
Is it hard to get your horses sharp in this heat?
"I trained him this morning (Monday) and it was only 27-28 degrees. Tomorrow will be hotter. The horses blow more in this heat but we manage. If they don't have shade in their fields, they're better off inside their stalls".
Besides the favorite Tekno Eld, Jan-Olov Persson has two more starters in the Swedish Derby for cold bloods with SEK 700,000 for the winner.
"Delsbofaks (V86-7) should be improved and is hoping for money".
"Björlifix (V86-7) has made breaks lately but is in good form. If he minds his manners he can also get a nice piece of the cake.

Impressive return in the elimination
In Derbystoet (mare Derby) there's SEK 450,000 awaiting the winner and Jan-Olov Persson sends out Stjärnblomster (V86-3) who won her elimination in impressive fashion for driver Örjan Kihlström. Stjärnblomster did all the work herself outside the leader the last kilometer and it was a very impressive return to the races - to say the least - after being MIA for eight months.
"She raced great in the elimination and I hope she will be further improved with that race".
Do you want her raced in the lead here?
"She's quick, but that's up to the driver".
"The one Frode trains is good" says Persson and means the other elimination winner Ness Tjo Edel.

Equal stable mates
V86-2 is a long distance race where Jan-Olov Persson has two horses racing.
"Björlifanner (V86-2) has won many races this year and he has raced well in some tough races for five year olds. He is good and he'll probably end up in the photo with some racing luck along the way".
"Järvsöodin (V86-2) is also good but he makes breaks. When he doesn't break he's good and he likes the long distance. I think my two horses have equal chances".

"Månprinsen should win"
In the fourth cold blood race this V86 at Östersund, Sven O Persson Memorial, for the older elite (V86-5), there's no Jan-Olov Persson trainee.
"No because Smedheim Solan raced in the Norwegian championships last weekend, Lome Brage is getting ready for the race at Åby and Tekno Odin is not quite ready yet. But it turned out to be a great race anyway. I think Månprinsen A.M. should win this".