V86®: Could be off to a great start after his best year so far

Hans-Owe Sundberg can look back at his best year of his career as a trainer.
His stable is in top form and with four horses racing on V86® this Wednesday he could be off to a great start of the new year.

Hans-Owe Sundberg and his wife Rosemarie have their stable located at the farm Nygård in Nykvarn. Today the stable includes 21 horses. The two horses best known to the public are open trotter Charrua Forlan and four year old Eldorado B. but 14 more horses won races during 2018. The numbers for 2018 were 38 wins for the stable and SEK 4.2 million in earnings, which is a new record for the stable.
"I can't complain, things have gone great. But things can always improve. There are a few things that didn't go as I thought they would" says Hans-Owe Sundberg.
Something in particular?
"The young horses didn't do as planned. We have some nice horses who can still turn out be good race horses but for different reasons they didn't make it to the races or didn't get to race consistently".
"But that's how this business is. You always have to try to improve. The day you sit back and you're happy, that's when you've lost your motivation. You always have to look to get more out of it".

Many horses to hope for in 2019
What's your best memory of 2018?
"I have no specific race but I'm very happy that an older horse like Charrua Forlan held his own so well in the open class. He won a couple of semi big races and did well in Sweden Cup at the Elitlopp weekend. Eldorado B. also had a terrific year racing against all the best four year olds and doing it so well.
What are the goals for the coming year?
"I don't have a specific goal for the year, but I always try to have at least SEK 10,000 in average earnings per start. It's something I've been able to do almost every year. 2006 I had SEK 28-29,000 in average per start. 2018 was close to SEK 20,000 so that's also very good".
Which horse are you most hopeful about for 2019?
"I don't know, but I hope Eldorado B. can continue improving and developing. I think he has with each start he's made. He's shown a lot of speed, but he's never yet raced over the short distance. He might be able to do really well there".
"Then we have Sigel Garline, a very strong horse. I also think Charrua Forlan has more fun memories to give us. We have five horses just turning three and I hope they can turn in to good horses even if last year didn't go as planned with them".
"Of course the horses need to stay sound and healthy too but the stable looks good".

Can take her third win in her fifth start
As with most people in this business, Hans-Owe will have to work over the New Years holiday. On Friday him and his wife Rosemarie will take off for a well earned vacation to Gran Canaria. But before that he will kick the new year off with four horses racing on V86® at his home track Solvalla on Wednesday. The one standing out is Bella M.J. (V86-8). The mare has two wins and two seconds after four starts for Hans-Owe Sundberg.
"She has raced well in every start. In her last start she lost to a horse sitting behind her the entire time and there wasn't much else she could have done. She dug in and those two left the field. All is well after that and she has won coming from behind before. I don't know the opponents that well so it's hard for me to talk about her chances but she's been good so I hope and believe she will have a chance to win again".

"It feels like she hovers above the ground"
V86 this week comes with a jackpot which means a sole winner can take home SEK 13 million. A horse that could possibly help you getting that money is  Elektra (V86-4). She doesn't win very frequently but she can leave fast and she has surprised before at high odds.
 "Elektra is a very nice gaited and talented mare but mentally she's not there. She can step up and race really well out of the blue but you never know when. It's too bad since she's so nice gaited, it feels like she hovers above the ground when she trots".
Hans-Owe has two horses racing in V86-6.
"One Two Beat (V86-6) hasn't understood what racing is about yet. He's a very talented horse who does things so easily. He's gotten two starts after a layoff now and feels good in training. In his last start he lost to a very good horse (It’s Showtime Zaz) but he raced better, with that first start back in his legs and I think he will be even better now".
"U.Bergs Svante (V86-6) was decent as second in his last start. He does alright when he's in the right class and his form seems to be intact. Hopefully Emilia Leo can do well with him again and get some money. The one that gets the best trip of my horses will also finish before the other one I think. I would say their chances are pretty equal".
"Corks in the shoes won't be a problem for any of my horses. We train with them and they have raced with them lately".