V86®: Dice Man to debut for his new trainer

Dice Man is starting to settle in with his new trainer and owner.
First start for Jan-Åke Hoas will be in Gotlandslöpningen at his home track in Visby this Wednesday.
"He's a very nice horse and I have a lot of faith in him" says the Visby trainer who has two hores racing in the Wednesday V86®.

Less than two weeks ago Dice Man (V86®-4) moved from Stefan Melander in Enköping to Gotland and Jan-Åke Hoas. The Visby trainer is also the new owner of the five year old.
"We were actually a couple of guys buying him but the others backed out so I ended up buying him myself. I've had my eyes on him and I really like this horse. Melander has done a great job with him, maybe I won't do as well with him but I'll give it a try" says Jan-Åke Hoas who is pleased with his new horse.
"He's one of the nicest horses I've been around. He's a very nice horse and I have a lot of faith in him. If he stays sound he could make some serious money".
For racehorses who are used to travelling it can take a while before they realise it's a permanent move.
"It has taken a while for him to actually start to finishing his meals and feel at home, he thought he was just on the road racing".
Dice Man has made almost SEK 750,000 and won seven out of 32 starts so far.

"Optimal balance"
Visby is hosting the races this Wednesday night when the V86 summer tour comes to visit. The feature is
Gotlandslöpningen where the winner receives SEK 150,000. Dice man drew post six behind the gate and is facing Antonio Tabac and Love Matters among others.
"He was supposed to race somewhere else but we'll race here so he doesn't have to travel. I drew the second worst post so that's a shame. I'll have to give him a nice trip and see what he can do here" says Jan-Åke Hoas who hasn't given up though.
"He might be in too tough now. He only has SEK 700,000 on his account while Love Matters has made SEK 4-5 million but my horse is very capable and I won't be surprised if he wins. Probably he'll race with the optimal balance, barefoot all around and with a regular sulky".
In Ringmurens lopp with SEK 100,000 for the winner, Hoas has Antonio Am (V86-5) starting 20 meters behind.
"He's a little bit up and down but he's feeling good in training right now. I don't know if 3,100 meters is his distance but he's good over 2,600 meters. We'll have to work out a ground saving trip and see how much he has left in the end. He'll race barefoot upfront for sure, maybe all around".
Who is your best chance on Wednesday?
"They have equal chances. It depends on how Dice Man has taken the move. I'm happy if they end up top three, that would be like a win for us".