V86®: Good trend at Solvalla for Tinter's star

​Four starts at Solvalla has resulted in three wins.
Payet D.E. - trained by Romme trainer Sybille Tinter usually does well in the capital and on Wednesday he could make it two in a row on V86®.
"I think he should have a real good chance to win".

36 year old Sybille Tinter was born and raised in Germany - but has gone to school to become a trainer in Sweden. 
in 2018 she became a trainer at Solvalla with her stable at the training center Julmyra in Heby. As of last spring she belongs to Romme racetrack. 
In her stable today are only German owned horses. That's something Sybille Tinter wants to change. 
"It was Stall Habo who gave me Payet D.E. and Karissa Bo to train and when they did well, other German owners started contacting me. But I haven't heard from any Swedish owners yet. But they are very welcome to do so" she says laughing. 
Sybille Tinter is stabled in Armanbo in Sala where Jörgen Westholm among others have had horses stabled earlier. Her father Klaus Kern is also training on the same farm since 2015. 
Today she trains ten horses and the most well known is the Dutch born five year old Payet D.E. 
The gelding was up until last year trained in Germany by Hans Ulrich Bommann. 13 starts for Tinter has resulted in six wins and three seconds since last July. 
On New Year's Eve Kim Eriksson won a V75® race with him at Axevalla. A couple of weeks ago they won a V86® race at Solvalla together. 
Payet D.E. seems to like Solvalla. In four starts he has won three times. 
"I have driven and won with him myself and with me it was 'a horse and a driver' but with Kim they're actually a team. It feels really good with the two of them together" says Sybille Tinter. 
"Not a sissy"
The five year old has proven to be strong and not at all dependent on a certain trip. On Wednesday Payet D.E. will be one of the most bet horses in V86-8 which is a sprint race. 
Kim Eriksson got post two behind the gate. 
"I'm very pleased with the draw. It's fantastic how versatile he is. He's good on the long distance, he's good on 2,000 meters and he has shown that he can race well over the sprint too, plus he can leave quickly when needed. At the same time he's not dependent on the lead" says Sybille Tinter.
One of his best features is that the horse is very laid back and versatile. 
"Kim could be aggressive or he could also take it easy and just trust his speed. You just tell him what you want him to do and he'll do it. Even if he gets parked on the outside he won't stop and give up. He's not a sissy, he fights with all he's got and his form should be the same as in his last start. I think he should have a real good chance to win this" says Sybille.  
What is the key to him racing so well since he came to you?
"I think a lot is due to the fact that I get to do what I think is best for the horse. The owner has a lot of faith in me and never pressures me to race or anything like that. He was good already when he came but the key to training good horses is to let them have the time they need".
You have a new horse in training, the seven year old mare Opalis who will start with a 20 meter handicap, having made SEK 460,000, in the mares race, V86-6. A certain Franz Klein trained her before. 
"He's an older gentleman who always has had nice horses and he's been involved in harness racing for around 40 years as an amateur. He has bred Opalis himself and for the first time she's not trained by him. Franz was really sad when he had to go home without his horse, when he brought her up here. So there were a lot of feelings involved". 
There is not a lot of money to race for in Germany and SEK 460,000 means that she has been successful. What do you think of her chances?
"I'm pleased that she drew the inside post, that means she doesn't have to go too hard in the first start for me so that's good. It's the same with most of the horses, when they come to me they're not supposed to be super sharp in their first start. But I hope she will be as good as she was at Jägersro, then she should have a good chance to win here I think, with some racing luck. This is also a very good horse and I'm so grateful to get the chance to train nice horses like these. Opalis is a nervous mare and i will work hard on getting her calm and relaxed" says the Romme trainer.