V86: "He is at least as strong as Önas Prince"

Per Nordström is aiming at the Swedish Trotting Derby with Kentycky River.
On Wedensday he is sharpening his form in Eskilstunas Fyraåringstest over the Derby distance.
"I have a very good horse and I think he is one of the better horses in the race" says the Jägersro trainer.

Last year, Per Nordström finished second in the Swedish Trotting Derby with Önas Prince. Calgary Games proved to be too tough that day. This year, the name of the Jägersro trainer’s Derby hope is Kentycky River. The four-year-old has developed a lot since joining the Nordström stable. 
"I felt early that he was a very good horse and he has trained with Önas Prince and Harran Boko the entire time and he has the same heart rate as them after training, so his lung capacity is good" says Nordström. 
Kentucky River has also shown it on the track and he has come up with several very good efforts in a row. The win at the Elitlopp weekend is hard to forget, Kentucky River was one of the sharpest winners that entire weekend. 
"He was very good that day and I think he was just as good in his last start. We had a bad post position and had I tried to advance three-wide, I would have been hung out there. Now, he closed very fast and he has also felt good in training after that start. We have aimed him at the Derby and it's the big goal for Kentucky River”.
As strong as Önas Prince
Sundbyholm Racetrack in Eskilstuna is hosting V86 this Wedensday and the feature is Eskilstunas Fyraåringstest.
”This is a perfect race for Kentucky River. It’s over the Derby distance and we get a chance to further sharpen his form before the Derby eliminations”.
What are your tactical thoughts?
"We got a decent post position and he has learned to leave better. I will leave with him and I would like to race him in the lead, if he gets there". 
Are you making any changes?
"No, he will race barefoot and in an American sulky and we will do all we can to win the race". 
How is Kentucky River´s strength compared to Önas Prince?
"He is at least as strong as Önas Prince". 
How do you estimate your chances of winning?
"I have a good horse and there are other good horses in the race, as it should be when there is big money on the line. Kentucky River is one of the better horses in the race I think, and we have a decent chance to win if it all works out". 
You also have 11 Global Coldplay in V86-6, what is his status?
"He is in good form, but he pretty much got lost in the draw and he needs lots of luck. If he would finish top three, then he has done very well". 
And finally, how is Önas Prince doing?
"He is doing great. He felt super in his last start, at Halmstad. Everything went wrong in Kymi Grand Prix, two starts ago. He didn't feel sharp and he didn't eat and drink well. It was nice to see him bounce back in his last start and we are getting ready for Hugo Åbergs Memorial on July 26. The post position draw will be very exciting of course and if we draw well, I think Önas Prince can trot under 1:09".