V86®: In good shape for S:t Leger

Last time he delivered an amazing finish.
Afterwards he trains good.
Stepping Spaceboy enters S:t Leger in absolutely top shape.

Stepping Spaceboy (V86®-7) has not won since July 21st, but considering the four-year-old stallion’s performances in the last races he will probably win soon. He has finished like a lightning and proved that he is right on his game.
“He has reached the finish line in full speed without being tired, and he has been just beautiful in training after his last race, so I think he is in really, really good shape,” trainer Admir Zukanovic says.
Breeders Crown in November is the next big goal for Stepping Spaceboy, but that doesn’t mean that his trainer takes lightly on the race on Wednesday night. S:t Leger is a legendary and prestigious race at Åby over the long distance 3 000 meters.
“It’s my home track and I’m really looking forward to the race,” Zukanovic says.
“The long distance shouldn’t be a problem. He has raced well over 2 600 meter and he gets stronger and stronger for each race. Post 6 is okay. The tactics is up to the driver but the horse is a quick leaver and in the small field of seven he will probably get a nice trip. I don’t know how good the other horses are but mine is not far from the best four-year-olds in Sweden and I’m confident he will make a good effort.”

”Can get interesting”
Valentino Strix (V86-1) has also showed that his form is getting there. Last time he finished strong from an impossible position deep down in the field and sprinted in as third on new record  1.13,9 over 2 640 meters.
“I drove him today (Monday) and afterwards I said that this horse is right on his game. He will probably lose some ground from start but if they keep the pace up in front and he gets a bit of help during the final lap, the home stretch can get interesting.” Says Zukanovic.