V86® (jackpot): Pydin has gotten his breakthrough in the elite - "One of the best"

Pydin has been very impressive in three consecutive victories and has gotten his breakthrough in the elite.
He's the fastest coldblood this year and trainer Niclas Torstemo isn't afraid of anyone in Bollnästravets Elitsprint on Wednesday.
"He feels incredible and I wouldn't swap horses with anyone" says the Hagmyren licensed trainer.

Bollnäs will host V86® which this week comes with a jackpot. According to ATG®'s calculations a sole winner could take home SEK 12 million with all eight winners picked. There are some high quality coldblood races on the card and in the third leg the fresh Derby winner Nordsjö Odin with trainer Øystein Tjomsland will be the huge favorite. The race is called HRH Princess Madeleine's Trophy and the winner will get SEK 175,000.
The same amount will go to the winner of Bollnästravets Elitsprint which will close out V86. The favorite there will be Pydin, who this year has taken the step up into the elite and has shown that he can beat the best ones. Pydin has always been a good horse and has been trained from the beginning by Niclas Torstemo.
"Pydin (V86-8) feels incredible and he's never been better than he is right now. I have to admit it's a lot of fun. He was good as a five year old racing against the best horses but this year he's taken another step up. He's been showing some very good times" says Niclas Torstemo.
"Last year he had some issues early in the season. But later on he was very good in three, four starts against the best ones. This year he's been consistent and stable all year". 

"Fastest coldblood this year"
Pydin is currently sporting a win streak of three consecutive wins and after having won at Dannero he trotted very fast in the following start. He then trotted 1:20.1 over 1,640 meters behind the gate. In his last start he won for fun in Sven O Perssons minne in Östersund.
"When he won in 1:20.1 he became the fastest coldblood in Sweden this year. Without knowing for sure, I don't think any coldblood has trotted faster anywhere this year. He did a lot of work himself in that race too when he got hung out but he wasn't tired when he crossed the finish line".
"In his last start he had a bad post position but it worked out better than I could have wished for and he found second over. He won by open lengths and had the earplugs still in his ears and wasn't tired. He feels good in training, just as good as in between the last few starts" says Torstemo.

Is Pydin one of the best coldbloods in Sweden right now, or maybe even the best one?
"I think he's one of the best at least and I wouldn't swap horses with anyone. Among the Swedish born ones I don't think there's anyone better, Tangen Haap is Norwegian born even though he counts as Swedish since he's in training in Sweden. There's also the Norwegian Odd Herakles but we haven't raced against him that often".
"Pydin has always shown a lot of talent and I always thought he'd be real good. But he's a big and heavy horse who has needed the extra time. He's very versatile and he races well over all distances". 

"Will battle for the win - a good chance"
On Wednesday in the finale of V86 Pydin will face the already mentioned Tangen Haap and Odd Herakles. He will start from post four behind the gate with regular driver Ove A Lindqvist.
"The post position is pretty much optimal but he can in no way leave quick enough to have a chance on the lead. Ingbest is very quick out of the gate. The important thing is for him to not get away last and I hope he can find a spot somewhere mid-pack".
"I absolutely think he's one of the horses who will battle for the win and I think he has a good chance. No changes on him, he'll race the same way he has lately" says Niclas Torstemo.