V86® (jackpot): Wäjersten wants to wait and see with the old guy

Daniel Wäjersten thinks he has a chance to win the long distance race on V86® at Solvalla with Algott Zonett and says all is good with his strong chestnut gelding.
The Bergsåker licensed trainer still wants to express a note of warning since the horse is getting old in the game.
"He is nine years old now and we just have to see how this season goes".

The average age is not high in Daniel Wäjersten's 89 horse stable in Sundsvall. 
Esprit Sisu, Global Unesco and Spickleback Face are eight years old. Algot Zonett has been around the longest and he is the only nine-year-old in the stable. 
Now, the old guy Algott Zonett hasn't in any way been bad so far this year. On the contrary, the nine-year-old chestnut gelding has shown more speed than ever before this year, compared to last year. 
He usually needs a couple of starts to get going. He has now made two starts this year and after his seasonal debut he was good in a three kilometer race in Finland where he finished third. 
"He feels just as good now as he has felt going into the previous racing seasons. He was a bit sluggish in his first two starts last year, after having gotten a lot of heavy training and this year we changed his training schedule a bit and maybe that has given him some more speed in his legs and he feels good in training. Algot is now nine years old and we just have to see how this season goes" says Daniel Wäjersten.
On Wednesday he is in against a pretty tough bunch, but it still looks like and even field with horses like Eddy West, Rotate and Van Gogh Z.S. 
The long distance, 2,640 meters suits the strong gelding well. In his last start, the distance was a hefty 3 kilometers in Etain Royal Stayer in Seinäjoki, Finland. Wäjersten finished second in that race after having towed parts of the field three-deep and was only beaten by the Finnish winning machine Unique Creation, who thanks to his victory was invited to Harpers Hanovers race during the Elitlopp weekend. 
"If we had won it? No, I don't think I would have raced Algott Zonett in Harpers anyway. Like I said, he is nine years old now and I want to give it a few starts and see how he is this year. That's where we are at. He feels just as good as he has previous years."
A small reservation there then. But Algott Zonett should have a decent chance to win on Wedensday at least? 
"Yes, I think so. Remember that he has gotten many tough trips over the year and that he is now getting up there in age and he is in against good horses on Wednesday. But he is strong and he has dealt with it all. He will race barefoot again at Solvalla". 
8 Take It Easy Tour (V86-8) drew post eight behind the gate over 1,640. What are his chances?
"He is in tough on the money here and we took a shot and entered when we saw there were only ten horses entered, but he has had bad luck with the post positions in his last two starts. Other than that he feels really good in training".
Could he upset? 
"No, from that bad post I want to lay low. No changes".