V86® (jackpot): Wäjersten with new form cards to play

Daniel Wäjersten can't complain about the form of his stable.
The last seven days his horses have won 6 out of 14 starts and so far this year the win percent for the stable is 27.
On Wednesday he can add to that on V86®.

V86® this weeks comes with a jackpot that makes it possible for a sole winner with all eight winners on their ticket to take home SEK 18 million. The card is split between Solvalla and Bergsåker and it's at home in Sundsvall Daniel Wäjersten is racing his horses. First to race is J.H. Mannerheim (V86-1), who as recently as last Thursday sprinted home to win at Umåker. 
"It felt like his form really was there. He felt just sharp enough and was alert all day up there. We had trained him a bit tougher and that's the kind of answer you want then. We did the same thing last year and he's a rewarding horse who can handle a lot of training and gets better from it" says Wäjersten. 
He drives himself as usual as the horse gets to start from post position four behind the gate. 
"It's a similar class to the one he won last week. I haven't thought about any tactics yet but I'm sure we can expect a similar effort to the one he made last Thursday even if it's only six days in between starts".

"Lay a bit low"
Global At Work (V86-7) also showed good form when she last week left second over to explode to the lead down the backside and just sprinted away to win in splendid isolation. 
"She was very good. I was a bit worried when she had to race from behind but she solved that brilliantly. Maybe it was good for her to not get involved early, she usually does since she is very quick out of the gate" says Daniel Wäjersten. 
This time it's a tougher field and on top of that Global At Work drew post position eight behind the gate. 
"We drew too far out on the gate and she's in a bit tough too in this class, so I lay a bit low considering that. She will race with shoes behind this time to save her feet and we might do some smaller bridle change too. We might use either a pull down bridle or a blind bridle. We'll see how she feels on the day of the race".