V86®: Looking for four in a row

Four wins in five starts.
Hennesy Boko could be the horse to lean against if you're looking to take home this Wednesday's V86® jackpot.
"I want the bettors to know that I'm happy with how my horse feels in training and his results show that he's a horse who could end up winning this race" says the winning machine Conrad Lugauer.

The Jägersro licensed trainer is on a roll. Last year his horses won every fourth start and made over SEK 10 million. And the fact that it's a new year hasn't made him slow down. The stable already has seven wins in 2019 and Hennesy Boko (V86®-1) is one of the horses who has contributed to that. The five year who used to be very unreliable was castrated last year and since he returned to the racetrack he's been very convincing. 
"I only have good things to say about him. He's been very successful after being castrated and he's simply been great" says Conrad Lugauer. 
Hennesy Boko made breaks in five out of nine starts as a stud horse. After castration he's only made a break once in five starts. In the other four starts he came out a winner. As of now he's sporting three straight wins. 
"He's much more stable now" Lugauer confirms. 

Can race from any position
This week V86 is split between Åby and Solvalla and Hennesy Boko is racing at the former track. 
"He can leave fast and post six behind the gate is pretty good for him. I'm happy with how he trains, he feels good and sound. Since he's so versatile I don't have to have any set tactics, I can race him based on what he does, that's often the best tactics". 
V86 this week comes with a jackpot and the forecast says the pot will be SEK 12 million. Maybe Hennesy Boko will be the corner stone in order to get to those millions? 
"His form is good and like I said he feels good in training".