V86®: Lugauer has a quartet to take seriously

Four starters.
Four horses who all have a chance to win.
Conrad Lugauer comes loaded with chances to this Wednesday's V86® races.

With two months left of the year Conrad Lugauer has beaten his previous records by a wide margin. The stable's horses win more than every fourth start and in 2019 they have gone to the winner circle 119 times. Under earnings it says SEK 13.7 million which could increase a tick this week. The Jägersro licensed trainer is as usual in the spotlight and will bring four starters to the V86® races at Åby on Wednesday.
"I have four really nice horses and I think they all have a chance to win" he says.

Post position worries
First to race out of the quartet is Il Duce Boko (V86-1). The four year old has two wins a third place in the three starts he has made for Conrad Lugauer.
"He won two cheaper races in a good way and was third in a tougher race. He has trained well for this race which is a bit tougher and it will be exciting to see what he can do here. I think he will race well but I'm a bit worried about post position five in ’volt’ start. He could get a little bit stressed out from there and there's a chance he could make a break" says Conrad Lugauer.
Il Duce Boko has three wins in his five lifetime starts. All three wins have come from the lead. The fact that he finished outside the money the only time he raced from behind is nothing his trainer worries about.
"When he relaxes he can leave very fast, but I'm sure he could finish fast when coming off cover too. He will race with pullout earplugs for the first time and if he stays flat I think he will end up battling for the win".

Well prepared and a perfect post position
In the third V86 leg it will be Night Brodde's turn to defend the colors of the Lugauer stable. He started off the year strongly by winning on V75® as well as in a leg of the Margareta series at Solvalla. He hasn't raced for a couple months now after having made breaks in two consecutive starts.
"Just like all professional athletes he developed some issues that we had to work on. Then I had to bring him back to form, preferably top form again" Lugauer says about the layoff.
"I'm pleased with the shape he is in now. He's ready to race again and most likely he will race well like he does most of the time".
Not the usual 'will need a race or two'?
"No. My horses are ready when they race. I don't want to race a horse without knowing it will do well, I'm usually convinced when I enter my horses".
How do you look at the race?
"Post two behind the gate is perfect. He's quick so the short distance shouldn't be a problem. I might put a blind bridle on him since it's a 1,600 meter race and I think he can win the race".

"At least as good as in her last start"
Gaya de Pervenche (V86-5) didn't make much of an impact when she made her first start on Swedish soil in September but she was impressive in her last start. From post seven behind the gait she took the lead, set a high tempo and just left the field to win by open lengths.
"For all of you who don't know the horse it might have been a surprise, but for us who work with her daily we just got confirmed what she has shown us in training. She's a very nice filly and she definitely has a bright future ahead of her. She has trained just as well after her last start and I think she will be just as good again, at least".

"Hopeful with all of them"
Last horse to start from the stable is Quite A Quality (V86-7). He has had a nice season with five wins, one of them on V75, but for this start there is a question mark.
"I'm not really sure where I've got him. He was very good in Kalmar two starts ago, just as we expect from a horse as nice as he is, but in his last start he wasn't as good. It was, just like this race, a long distance race and I chose to give him a somewhat tough trip. I thought he would handle that fine and had we not ended up behind a tired horse in the last turn, he would have finished second, but he wasn't as good as in the start prior.
Which of your horses do you think has the best chance to win?
"I would say Night Brodde. I think very highly of him and he's been very convincing in training. But Gaya de Pervenche is a very nice filly and if Quite A Quality races as well as he did two starts ago, then he should have a very good chance. Il Duce Boko won for fun in his last start so I really like his chances too. I'm hopeful with all of my horses".