V86®: Lugauer is sure - 'He will win"

He is the winning machine who has won over half of his starts.
The trainer now tells us he can't lose with Norton Commander on V86®.
"He will win" is the short message from Conrad Lugauer.

This Wednesday's V86® is split between Jägersro and Solvalla. At the Malmö track Conrad Lugauer has a few interesting starters. He says one of them has a very good chance, one has good chance if he stays trotting, one could finish top three, plus a few long shots.
If we start with the one who has a very good chance, or can't lose according to Lugauer, that would be Norton Commander in V86-3. He has won in eight of 14 career starts and was piling up wins earlier this year. Three starts ago he won easily in a new lifetime best, 1:11.0.

Ferocious first half last time - 'that was too tough'
In his last start he was the favorite on V75® but he 'only' finished fourth. The reason was a long and ferocious battle for the front. Can Lane and Johan Untersteiner defended the lead with the favorite Norton Commander and Conrad Lugauer pressing on the outside. They trotted the first 500 meters in an incredible 1:05.6 speed. After Can Lane made a break, Norton Commander took over and reached the 1,000 meter mark in 1:09.8. He understandably was very tired at the end but hung on impressively to finish fourth.
"It was a very tough race in his last start. I had two Untersteiner horses around me and Johan didn't want to give up the lead. That was way too tough speed for 800 meters but my horse hung on in a fantastic way. We just have to forget that start" says Conrad Lugauer.
"I'm happy to say that he came out of it well and he's feeling good in training after that. He feels strong and he's happy. I think he'll be even better in this start, he gets better when the competition is better. He's at least as good as he was when he won in 1:11.0 three starts ago. That should be enough. When he raced under par two starts ago it was because of the long trip to Stockholm".
"Norton Commander is a very with a lot of ability and he's very efficient, He has both the speed and the stamina and he's very quick out of the gate".

"He has a very good chance to win"
Norton Commander will be the huge favorite in V86-3. The distance is 1,640 meters and from post five behind the gate Conrad Lugauer doesn't exactly lay low.
"He will win this" he says decisively.
"My horse feels great and I'm aiming for the lead. I don't think anyone will hang me out to dry this time and he can trot very fast. In his last start he raced without shoes but they are back on for this start, just as in all previous starts. You can't really complain when he won in 1:11.0 with shoes on. He has a very good chance to win".

"A good chance if he behaves"
The Jägersro licensed trainer has had a very good year with 87 wins and SEK 9.2 million in earnings. Last year's numbers are already surpassed by SEK 3 millions and the win percent is 26. Lugauer has three more starters on V86 and here are his comments on them:
"Hennesy Boko (V86-1) was very good when he won at Åby two starts ago but not as good in his last start in Kalmar. He was bothered by a sore knee but he's been treated for that and feels better now. He's a horse with good ability even if he isn't as good as his brother Djali Boko. But he can trot too and if he behaves I think he should have a good chance. It's the start I'm worried about with post two in 'volt' start. No changes".
"Bellino B. (V86-5) should be better this time with the last race in his legs and this is also a better distance for him, since he's a strong horse. He has trained well but he also needs to perform well. It's not an easy race and I'm happy if he finishes third, fourth".
"Bijou Bourbon H.M. (V86-7) has raced well for Marc but had had bad post positions and has gotten tough trips. He finally drew better and can get a nice trip here. I don't think he will race on the front, he's better behind horses. His form is good enough to win if everything works out" says Conrad Lugauer.