V86®: "Never been better"

This week it's jackpot with great value in a wide open V86®.
Veijo Heiskanen has set a new personal best this year with 105 wins and warns us for an outsider.
"R.K.King has never been better. He can win this" says Veijo.

The Åby trainer has surpassed SEK 9 millions in earnings this year and has a win percent of 20. He set a new personal best with 105 wins. 
"We've had a good year and I'm proud over the 105 wins my horses have" says Heiskanen who trains 57 horses.
In the stalls are new names like multiple V75® winner Claes Boko and and Finnish horse Ratu Royale.
"Claes Boko trained last Friday, for the first time since coming to me. He had surgery on a knee and has to train a few months before he's race ready. But you can tell he's something special".
"Ratu Royale is a good mare who set a European record. She's been off since spring and we just started training her back. She has a lot of ability and it will be interesting to follow her. She too is months away from racing" says Veijo.

"R.K.King has stage fright - he just shakes"
Wednesday night's V86® - with the added jackpot where one bettor can win SEK 13 millions with all 8 winners picked - is split between Jägersro and Solvalla. Veijo Heiskanen is racing two horses on V86. One of them is R.K.King who is back after a break. He's a very capable horse, but also very special.
"He has stage fright" says Veijo Heiskanen.
"He's extreme. I've never had a horse this nervous and who shakes this much before a race. It's a minus racing away from home since he gets nervous already on the truck. It's different at home at Åby where we can jog him from the barn down to the track. Then he doesn't have time to get all worked up.
"We've come up with a solution for Wednesday. We're leaving as late as possible and we got him a paddock where at Jägersro where he can get turned out and relax once he gets there".
How does this affect his performance in a race?
"I'm not really sure how much it affects him. He's won away from home before and he's actually raced well and won before at Jägersro. But it's no fun watching him shake like that".
"Once he gets out on the track he's fine. Almost like he's got stage fright. He's nervous before, but once he's on stage he's fine".

"Been tuned up - looks good"
What has R.K.King done since hos last start and how does he feel training?
"He's been tuned up since he wasn't 100% sound. It took some time to get him right but now he feels fresh and sound. And when he is, he usually races well".
"He comes well prepared and i trained him in 1:21/2100 meter in the jogcart a couple weeks ago"
"He put on some weight and looks good physically. He's not fat, but I don't think I've seen him look as good as he does now weight wise. He's feeling good. I think overall that he looks and feels better than he's ever done" says Veijo.
Last year R.K.King won five out of ten starts. This year he's finished second twice in eight starts. Explanation?
"He's been in many tough races and also had bad post positions. Things haven't really gone his way. But now he's where I want him and we hope he will win a race soon".

"We'll change to an American bike"
R.K.King races in V86-3 from post nine behind the gate over 2140 meters. What are your thoughts about his race?
"He fits the class well money wise and he starts behind a horse who can leave well. But it's hard from a trailing position to keep up with the horse in front of you. It's easy to lose a couple of lengths in the start. He's a real nice racehorse who usually races well when he's sound and he is now".
"Even if he's not in top form now, I think he's one of the horses who can win this. You have to have him on your ticket. No changes, he'll race barefoot again" says Veijo Heiskanen.
You also have Te Quiero Grif in V86-7. What are his chances?
"He raced well in his last starts and he's in good form. He had to leave hard but got a good trip and trotted home well. He's very quick behind the gate so it's too bad he got a trailing position now when it's a short race and all. He's consistent but I don't think he'll go around the field on his own. We'll change to an American bike this time. Last time he raced in a regular bike. He'll race barefoot again".