V86® preview: "Dortmund is better than ever"

The Marc Baek Nielsen stable is in top form.
On Wednesday as V86 is split between Solvalla and Åby he has big hopes for Dortmund.
"He is a very good horse which he is shown many times and I think he has a good chance to win" says the Dane.

Marc Baek Nielsen is part of the younger generation of horse trainers in Denmark. To say that Danish harness racing is not ranked very high in Europe is no exaggeration. The purses are weak and the future does not look very bright. 
Marc Baek Nielsen is living his dream as a horse trainer and he has never regretted his career choice.
"No, I have not. I decided early that this is what I want to do. Sure, it can be tough at times and it's like we are running against the wind but it's also a lifestyle". 
Today there are 14 trotters in the Marc Baek Nielsen stable and there is room for more. 
"I would like to have a few more, around 20 horses would be a perfect number. But I'm also happy with the ones I have now". 
The last few months his horses have raced well and when there are fitting races, Marc likes to make the trip to Sweden.
"There's very good money to race for, especially if you have a horse that can race on V86 or V75. I'm very happy with the form my horses are in right now. It's been a good year and I'm constantly progressing and right now it feels very good". 

Better than ever 
The star of the stable is Dortmund and he comes out in V86-5 on Wednesday. 
"Dortmund has raced well his entire career and has made over SEK 1 million and he is only six years old. That is good for a Danish-born horse and his journey isn't over yet. He was very good in his most recent start and I think he is better than ever right now. Dortmund has raced several times before in Sweden and he won a long distance race on V75 at Jägersro a year ago". 
What is his strength?
"It's just that, his strength is his strength. Dortmund is strong and he can trot at high speed for a long time. I also think he has gotten quicker and he is getting more and more complete as a racehorse". 
What are your thoughts on the Wednesday race?
"I think it looks interesting, definitely. The distance is an advantage and as good as my horse is, I expect a very good effort and I hope and think that he will have a chance to battle for the win even if it's a tough race with many good opponents".