V86®: Record winner comes forward - shares his picks

Last Wednesday Anders Åkesson took home the biggest payout in V86® history - SEK 22.6 million.
Now he comes forward to talk about his feelings and to share his picks on V86.
"It's still very overwhelming. I totally lost it and started crying when I realised how much money I had won" says Anders.

It's been less than a week when Anders Åkesson, 56 from Skåne in the southern parts of Sweden decides to come forward and talk about the record payout. Last week he had a V86® ticket with a total cost of SEK 220. In three races had one horse singled out and when it was all said and done he had the one and only ticket who survived all eight races. The total payout was SEK 22,670,896 and he found out by a phone call from the ATG® ambassador Hans G Lindskog late Wednesday night.
"I composed my V86 ticket around 6-6:30 pm and then I spent time with my family and I don't always have time to follow the races live so I watch them on the computer after the kids have gone to bed. So when Hans G called, I hadn't had time to watch the races yet" says Anders Åkesson.
"I think it was good that Hans G called. Had I watched the races live I think I would have stood up jumping up and down to get my horses home as usual. But this time I might have been so nervous, I could have had a heart attack".
"Now I got the message in a calm and collected way. Hans G started by asking me if I had bet anything and that's when I realised something big must had happened. Then we went over the races one by one and at the end he told me I was the only to survive all eight races and that the payout was unique. But when he mentioned the total amount and that it was an all time high payout for V86, it was hard to take it all in. Afterwords I started crying and couldn't get a word out".

"My family was a bit shocked"
How did you tell your family about the record high win?
"At first I didn't know how to tell them. I turned on the TV, pulled up the article and called the entire family to the couch. I told them to sit down and read the article. I explained to them that I was the one who had won all that money. Tears were running down my cheeks and when you sit down and read about these amount it's so surreal. You buy a house and such for completely different amounts. This kind of money can buy you a lot of houses" Anders says.
How does it feel now with almost a week of distance to it?
"It still feels incredibly overwhelming. I think my family was a bit shocked and I'm not sure I'm out of it yet".

"It will be a lifelong celebration"
After thinking about it a couple of days, Anders Åkesson decided to come forward and reveal that he was the lucky winner. On Monday ATG's ambassador Hans G Lindskog came to visit with a camera crew to make an interview for the show 'Hans G's vinnarturné'.
"We had a very nice afternoon together" Anders says.
"It's like I told Hans G, you want to share the joy. It feels good to have done that and this won't mean any huge changes in our lives over night. We'll take it gradually, how we're going to use the money".
"We haven't had any big victory party, it will be a lifelong celebration instead".
Have you decided on something specific you want to do with this money?
"I haven't had time to think about that yet. But you know, every boy's dream is a new car so I might get one. It will be a fantastic feeling to able to invest in something we never had the chance to do before. I just want to enjoy every moment of it and know that we will have our future secured".
"We need to some upgrades on our house and there might some vacation trips in the future too. We're going to China next February, but that was already planned before this. Then we'll see where we'll go next summer".

Has a past as amateur trainer and driver - "Stig H is my idol"
Anders Åkesson, who has his own business has been interested in horse racing since 1977 and been to a lot of races over the years. He has owned horses and been an amateur trainer and driver at Jägersro earlier. Anders held a trainers and drivers license in the 80s and 90s and he could very well become and owner again.
"Stig H Johansson has been my idol since I started with horses and if there's anyone to ask for advice about buying a horse, it's him".
"I've owned a few horses over the years, the best one was Extas Rodney who was known to be one of the fastest horses to leave the gate at Jägersro. I was active in 1978 and the year before that, I started betting horses. Back then I was always at Jägersro and never missed a race day, no matter the weather".
"I used to bet all the tracks and even came along when someone went to a racetrack, something i don't have time for anymore. I usually bet for SEK 200-500 every Wednesday and Saturday when I bet V86 and V75®. I follow the races and try to read up on it as much as I can. You have to know their past performances" Anders Åkesson says.

Has new picks for Wednesday
As a recent multi million winner, we of course have to ask Anders to share his picks with us for this Wednesday's V86 at Jägersro and Solvalla. He also shared with us his V86 ticket which costs SEK 252.
"Lugauer's horse Nolimitjimmit (V86-3) was super last time and I'm leaving him alone on my ticket. I saw that Untersteiner's horse (Get Ready On Tour) will be one of the most used horses but I try not to pay too much attention to that".
"I will also leave Pacific W.F. (V86-6)  alone on my ticket. Örjan Kihlström will drive this time and that's an improvement. I think he will sit and watch the others until the last turn and then he'll take it from there".
"A fun idea in the first leg is Speedy Foxy Vicane (V86-1) who is a horse that I like. She's interesting here from a good post and with Thomas Uhrberg in the bike".
"In the last race I was initially going to just go with Zum Zum and Ulf Ohlsson but Jorma Kontio's horse Mattie was so good in his last start that I chickened out and ended up using both horses on my ticket" says Anders Åkesson.

Anders Åkesson's V86 ticket for this Wednesday.
V86-1: 2-3-5 (res: 8-7)
V86-2: 2-3-4-6-9-10-12 (res: 11-7)
V86-3: 6 Nolimitjimmit (res: 3-5)
V86-4: 2-4-8 (res:1-12)
V86-5: 3-5-6-9 (res: 11-7)
V86-6: 8 Pacific W.F. (res: 6-3)
V86-7: 1-8 (res: 10-11)
V86-8: 1-11 (res: 10-2)
This ticket costs SEK 252.