V86®: Red hot chances for Lövgren

She has five straight wins and she is undefeated on Swedish soil.
Nanetta Hill is the given favorite on V86® in her hunt for her sixth consecutive win.
"She's a nice mare with an efficient gait and she does it very easily" says Joakim.
Lövgren has another hot chance with Sevilla on V86.
"I think his chances are as good as Nanetta Hill's".

V86® this Wednesday is split between Jägersro and Solvalla. At the Malmö track, hometown trainer Joakim Lövgren has a couple of really nice chances on paper. One of them is Nanetta Hill who still doesn't know how it feels to lose on Swedish soil. The four year old mare made one start as a two year old in Berlin (outside the money) and came to Lövgren during her three year old season. She won two starts right away and continued this year to start her season as a four year old by winning two more. 
"Nanetta Hill (V86-5) is a nice mare who pretty tough and she's of good size. She's got a nice muscle mass and she trots nice and efficiently despite being pretty big. She's also proved that she has a great attitude" says Joakim Lövgren. 
"It's easy to lose a race like that"
After her victories at Åby back in April, Nanetta Hill has not been seen on the racetracks for five months. She recently returned to racing at Mantorp where she, despite starting from post 15 behind the gate, managed to go around the field during the last kilometer. 
"She got tired back in the spring so we gave her some time off to rest and recover. We trained her back down again and the hope is that her bones have hardened so that she will be able to race well".
"It's always a challenge starting from the kind of post position she had in her last start. It's easy to lose a race like that but she overcame that and was very good". 
"I trained her today (Monday) and she felt good and was in a good mood. I'm pleased with her". 
"She races well very time" 
Nanetta Hill will be the favorite, starting from post seven in the fifth leg of V86. Trainer Lövgren is optimistic but also says that the class is getting tougher for her and the post position could mean trouble.
"She can leave ok, not more. So we might get in trouble from post seven, unless I can just keep going forward right away. She really has to get in there and battle for it. But she's got a lot of ability, her best race was at Åby when she made a break early and came to win it". 
"It will be nice to drive her again and she has raced well every time. I'm sure she will this time too, as good as she feels. I don't really know the opponents all that well but I know that M.T. Naomi is pretty good and that she can leave well too. No changes, barefoot all around again". 
"Sevilla always has a chance when he races"
 The Jägersro licensed trainer has two more starters on V86 and he thinks that one of them has as good of a chance to win as Nanetta Hill. Here are his comments on them.
"Mamba (V86-3) is a Brioni offspring who makes a living in the regular overnights. He won two starts ago and we tried him on V75® in his last start but he had no chance despite trotting 1:12.0. This time the race is a little bit easier than on V75. This horse is better when he starts in the first tier even if he's gotten better at starting behind horses too. Lately he's even won coming from behind so we haven't given up. No changes". 
"Sevilla (V86-7) won V75 from the same inside post at Kalmar three starts ago. Then he held up the lead but this time there are a couple quick ones outside of me so I wouldn't be surprised if he can't hold up the lead. Rajah Press for example is very quick. My horse always puts in a good effort and he did in his last start too when he finished third. 3,000 meters isn't his favorite distance but he still does what's asked of him. 2,000 meters is an advantage for him and my horse feels good and is in good form. He basically always has a chance to win when he races, that's the feeling I have when I sit behind him. He's a tough horse. No changes, barefoot all around again" says Joakim Lövgren. 
Which one is your best chance to win on V86?
"I would say that Nanetta Hill's and Sevilla's chances are equal".