V86®: Svensson's horse ready to lower his mark

Francesco Star hid his talent well in his first three lifetime starts before he started winning.
On Wednesday as V86 is split between Solvalla and Bergsåker, the four-year-old is chasing his fourth consecutive win.
"The horse is progressing and I think he will lower his lifetime mark quite a bit" says trainer Henrik Svensson.

The Bergsåker licensed trainer Henrik Svensson got his breakthrough ten years ago when he had horses like Fredrik Laday, who made it to the final of the Swedish Kriterium, where he finished fourth. 
Just a few years later his trainee Serious Try won an elimination to the Swedish Trotting Derby but made a break in the final. 
"They were both really nice horses and we steadily work to try to get horses who can race in the bigger races". 
Many people associate Svensson with the fan favorite Parkin. The black gelding was a true fighter who often raced on V75, where he won five races and earned over SEK 1 million in two years. 
"He was such a nice horse to have and being able to show him off on V75 really put me on the map".
As of today, the Henrik Svensson stable consists of around 20 horses, mainly racehorses. 
"I am happy with my life and with the number of horses I have and it feels like my stable is in the midst of a positive trend. A horse I really believe has a great future is Underbarosåfin. He has made six starts and has won three of them. When he won his most recent start he trotted a low 1:14 and wasn't tired. The horse is progressing and I am really looking forward to racing him going forward" Svensson says. 
"Ready to race without shoes"
Another horse who is progressing is 4 Francesco Star (V86-1) who will get a true test on Wednesday. 
"He is big and sluggish and has taken his time getting to where he is today. He has been good lately and has won three in a row. You have to remember that those races were pretty cheap, but at the same time he is steadily progressing and he trains very well". 
He is entered barefoot all around, is that how he will race?
"Yes, that's the plan. He is ready to race without shoes and I think he will lower his lifetime mark by quite a bit". 
How do you estimate his chances?
"Well, that's hard to say. The race looks wide open and from what I can see there are several horses who have raced well lately. It's hard for me to say how he will measure up against these horses. He can leave OK and if we can get a good trip, I hope he will end up battling for the win". 
You drive two more horses on V86, do they need to go on the ticket?
"5 Huddlestone (V86-5) is a fast horse and he was good in his last start. If we can just find a decent spot, it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up fighting for the win. An interesting longshot". 
"6 Order By Fox (V86-7) makes good money and doesn't mind the distance. He too needs racing luck and if so, he could also do well".