V86®/jackpot: Hot chances as the professional career starts

From January 1 Oscar Berglund can put professional trainer on his business card.
And he starts off right away.
When the new racing year starts on New Year's Day with a jackpot infused V86® card he is racing three horses.

The New Year's celebrations have just about died out as the new racing year starts with a V86® jackpot card. A possible sole winner with all eight winners picked will take home SEK 13 millions and even though it's a national holiday, the first V86 leg starts at 8:30 pm. That means even the biggest party animals have a chance to wake up on time. One who is not included in that group is Oscar Berglund. 
"No, it will be a quiet New Year's Eve. I'm in Paris and will fly home Wednesday morning to go directly to Bergsåker" says the Östersund licensed trainer, whose Hope And Dreams can give him the perfect ending to his amateur training career as she makes her first start in France at Vincennes on Tuesday afternoon. 
Oscar Berglund has graduated from all the classes necessary at training school and as the new year starts he is the holder of a professional trainer's license. 
"Then it's all business" he says laughing. 
"The way I see it, it's just a different letter on my license. I already have my stable today and the only difference is that I can welcome more clients". 
Can leave quickly but races best from behind
But we haven't called 26 year old Oscar Berglund to just talk about his trainer's license. He is already a well respected name in Swedish harness racing and this year he has a win percent of 24 and SEK 2 million in earnings to his stable. And with three very interesting horses racing on V86 he can get off to a flying start in 2020. First out is Cobourg Hanover (V86-1) who in his last start raced well to finish third in the STL silver division.
"It was nice to see since I've said for some time now that he tries harder and races best from behind, so I was very happy that he could finish so well and get third from where he was at" says Oscar Berglund. 
Cobourg Hanover can leave very quickly and from post two behind the gate over 2,140 meters so driver Emilia Leo can use whatever tactics she would like. 
"For this horse it's all about having a good day and his head being in it when it's race day but he has felt good in training and this a better distance for him. The post position is perfect. I don't get into the tactics, that's totally up to Emilia (Leo), but it looks good on paper and he should have a pretty good chance to win" says Oscar Berglund and adds:
"He got beat fair and square by Heading Reference last time they raced against each other, but that time my horse didn't try at all on the front end. With a better trip this time it should be between him and Heading Reference, I think they are better than the rest. The one who gets the best trip will most likely win. He raced in an old style sulky last time but will get the American sulky back for this start". 
"I believe in a very good effort"
Next horse out from professional trainer Oscar Berglund's stable is the mare Belle Reine (V86-3). She was one of the most bet horses as she made her debut for trainer Berglund in her last start on V75®. A completely headless drive by an opponent ruined all her chances though and after Emilia Leo had to give up the lead she came in sixth. 
"I was very pleased with my horse. She lived up to all expectations but unfortunately she got attacked on the front end. I think Emilia did the right thing when she gave up the lead and after that she got locked in and wasn't tired. It was tough to swallow then but I think it will do her good on Wednesday instead". 
This time she won't have to get into any battle for the lead from post eleven behind the gate in this short distance race. 
"Her form should be better after her last start since he hadn't raced for some time and she also showed that she can race well with shoes. It's a very nice horse for the class and I believe in a very good effort this time. Then as always when you start from these post positions you need racing luck to get into the race. If she gets that she should be one of the horses who can win the race. She will race in an American sulky this time and it's a huge plus for her historically". 
Has won five out of seven starts 
Stepping out on the track last but not least of the three is the winning machine Arch Lane (V86-7). This six year old has won five out of seven starts as he now debuts for Oscar Berglund after a one year long layoff. 
"He has been injured but was in great shape when he came to me and I have gotten all the time in the world to get him ready. He is a very interesting horse for the future but he is big and heavy and will most likely need a start or two to find the top form".
Post position five behind the gate and 2,640 meters are good conditions for him but for obvious reasons Oscar Berglund has a hard time evaluating his horse's chances in his first start back. 
"It's very hard to say how he will do but I think he is a horse that will get a lot better once he's in a field of horses and it's race time and you have remember that he's a horse with a lot of ability. The most important thing is that he races well and that Emilia is happy with him after the race. He is used to training with shoes and corks so that shouldn't be a problem. He will race with blinkers and an American sulky, both for the first time. So equipment-wise it's as good as it could be".